Writing Cardholder reviews for Waterstones

If you'd like to let other customers see what you thought about a book, please submit your review on Waterstones.com.

Find the item

Go to the item you wish to review - you can find this by typing the title or the ISBN of the book in the search box at the top of all pages. This may bring up a choice of titles - select the one you wish to review.

Click on 'Write a/your review'

On the right hand side of the book's jacket image - click on 'write a/your review', and, if necessary, sign in to your Waterstones.com account. You can also post a review by clicking on the 'write a review' box in the customer reviews section on the product page.

To successfully post a review you must:

  • Give an overall rating of the product
  • Enter your 'Nickname', eg your first name and surname
  • Select whether or not you would recommend this title to a friend
  • Type in your review

Other things to consider

You could:

  • Provide a title for the review 
  • Upload a suitable image of yourself 
  • Add your location and age 
  • Rate your experience of Waterstones

Over time, your reviews will be 'badged' with a 'Waterstones Cardholder' message similar to the Book Circle panellist badge (see image below). Please do not add 'Waterstones Cardholder' to the end of your review as this is no longer necessary. Book Circle panellists also need no longer add 'Book Circle Panellist' to the end of reviews.


Please note that the page will occasionally time-out if you spend too long writing the review. Copy and pasting from a Word document can play havoc with some characters, so if you have problems with the time-out we suggest writing the review in a Notepad or Wordpad document first, then cut and pasting it to the review page.

Once posted, reviews cannot be edited, so please make sure you are happy with what you are submitting and remember to check for spelling errors.

Your review will be posted shortly after you submit - please note some reviews will be caught by our filter and may take up to 24 hours to appear (longer over the weekend).

Hints and Tips

Writing a review is a great way to share your experience of a book with thousands of other readers, it's an opportunity for you to take part in the success (or otherwise) of a title. Reviews can make or break a title online; if it gets a positive buzz it can outperform all planned marketing and promotion of a title. That said, because reviews are so important, you'll appreciate there need to be a few ground rules, some are obvious (no bad language) some are to save us from being sued and some are to ensure your review gets read again and again.

Reviews should be about 500 words long - lengthy text is often avoided by web users.


  • Give an honest opinion 
  • Tell others how the book made you feel 
  • Point out what you disliked or liked


  • Use profanity, prejudiced language or terms of abuse 
  • Repeat or make potentially libelous comments 
  • Mention products, web addresses, emails or phone numbers 
  • Refer to dates, other reviews or events, as this may leave your review looking out of date very quickly 
  • Post text you've not written 
  • Post material that is deliberately intended to upset other users 
  • Give away key plot elements or endings

We, and other readers of the site really appreciate your reviews and we look forward to reading them.