Waterstones Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to reveal Waterstones Plus, our successor to both the Waterstones Card and our Stamp & Save scheme. 

I really liked Stamp & Save: does this mean you are bringing that to an end?

Not at all. The fundamental principle of Stamp & Save (earn one stamp for every £10(€12) spent; collect ten stamps to redeem £10(€12)*) is the same: the difference is that the function becomes electronic, with your Plus Stamps and Plus Balance safely stored online.

What's the advantage of that?

There are several – if you lose your card, you lose none of your earnings. It means there is no need to carry more than one loyalty card (rather than the former Waterstones Card and any number of Stamp & Save cards) and, importantly, you can earn Plus Stamps and redeem Plus Balance online too, here at Waterstones.com.

What about the previous Waterstones Card points offer?

Our Stamp & Save scheme was only originally intended to be a temporary offer, but it proved so popular we maintained it in tandem with the points offer. Like any other retailer, we sporadically assess our position and in this instance, we were compelled to review the wisdom of running both points and Stamp & Save simultaneously. Ultimately, we have elected to keep the far more rewarding stamps scheme in operation and terminate our points offer.

We have also introduced a 'half stamp' tier, where transactions between £5.00 and £9.99 (€6 and €11.99) are rewarded with the perk of a half stamp. Think of it as a single book bonus (but that bonus might also mean a coffee and a cake!).

What about points and stamps I have earned so far? What happens to those?

Any earned points from your Waterstones Card will automatically be transferred over to Plus. For earned stamps from your Stamp & Save activity, when you are next in Waterstones simply ask a bookseller to transfer these for you.


How do I sign up for Waterstones Plus?

When the scheme launches, you'll be able to visit any one of our bookshops, or go to Waterstones.com/plus to sign up online for a digital version of the card.

What information will I need to share to join Waterstones Plus?

To sign up in shop or online, all we need is your current email address. We use this as an ID to match your card details against, so if for example you lose your card, your details and Plus Balance you have earned are safe.

To register your account, we require your title, first name, last name and a password of your choosing. That’s all the information we look for to secure your account.

Will I receive emails from Waterstones?

Although we warmly invite you to join our Plus email programme, without specifically opting in the only emails you will receive will be service emails related directly to activity on your account. If you do decide to opt in to our emails, you can of course elect to cease being sent them at any time.

If I sign up for the digital version of Waterstones Plus, can I still collect a plastic version later?

Absolutely – simply visit any one of our branches and ask a bookseller. With your email address, they will be able to issue a physical card and any existing Plus Balance you have will be transferred.

Oh no – I've signed up for Plus, I have my new Plus card – and now I’ve found my old Waterstones Card down the sofa, and I’m sure I’ve got points.

No problem – simply pop in to your local Waterstones with your old and new card details, or contact Customer Support and they will marry everything up for you.


Do you offer a student discount card?

Yes, the rewards between Plus Student and the standard Plus cards are the same, except students have the additional benefit of an instant 5% discount on their purchases, net of any other offer.

How do I sign up for Plus Student?

For a physical Plus Student card, simply visit your local Waterstones and present your valid student ID, or your ac.uk email address. For a digital Plus Student card, visit your local shop or simply sign up online with your ac.uk address. As soon as we have verified your status, you will be sent an activation email which will enable you to redeem your earned Plus Balance. Alternatively, you can initially sign up online at Waterstones.com, start earning Plus Stamps right away and visit your local Waterstones at your leisure to present your student ID.

Using Your Card

How will I see what I have earned?

From now on, every shop receipt will show Plus customers their credited balance and how many Plus Stamps they have earned to date. You can also ask a Bookseller at the till, or see this information online and on the Waterstones app, presented on your new Plus Home page.

I’m shopping online. When do I earn my Plus Stamps?

Your Plus Stamps are earned on dispatch of the items you have purchased. For every ten Plus Stamps you earn, £10/$12 will be added to your Plus Balance overnight.

I’ve collected 10 Plus Stamps. When will I be able to spend the Plus Balance I’ve earned?

Every 10 Plus Stamps you earn are worth £10 (€12). On earning the tenth Plus Stamp, your earnings are credited overnight to your Plus Balance. You must collect a minimum of 10 Plus Stamps to add new credit to your account.

How do I redeem my Plus Balance?

At the till, or on checkout online, simply nominate how much you'd like to redeem. There is no lower threshold, so you can redeem as little or as much as you'd like.

I’ve got a fully-completed paper Stamp & Save card I want to redeem right now.

Paper Stamp & Save cards are no longer valid for instant redemption, but paper Stamps can still be transferred over to Waterstones Plus. Any full sets of 10 stamps will be credited to your Plus Balance overnight.

What do I do if I've lost my card, or it has been stolen?

Even if your card is lost or stolen, as your account is linked to your personal email address, your Plus Balance always remains completely safe. To replace your physical card, simply contact our Customer Support Team so that we can arrange sending a replacement physical card, if required (please do include your postal address when filling in this form). Alternatively, just pop into your local Waterstones and a bookseller will be able to help.

What can I earn Plus Stamps and redeem my Plus Balance on?

Plus Stamps will be awarded on, and Plus Balance can be redeemed against, all merchandise sold in participating Waterstones shops, or on Waterstones.com, with the exception of purchases from Waterstones Account Sales and the prouct types listed below.

• Gift vouchers*

• Electronic gift cards

• Book tokens

• Theatre tokens

• Postage stamps

• Event Tickets (and books included as part of the event ticket price)

• Waterstones concessions

...and other products from time to time, as notified.

*Plus Stamps can be earned when redeeming a Gift Card.

Can I claim Stamps on an old receipt?

Yes, you have 30 days to add the Stamps from a receipt to your account.

There are two ways to have Stamps added to your Plus card:

  • Take your receipt and your Plus Card to a Waterstones bookshop and ask a bookseller to add the points.
  • Contact our Customer Support Team and quote the number stated below the barcode at the foot of your receipt and include your 16-digit card number.

How do I close my account?

We'd be loathe to see you go, but to close your account, please contact our Customer Support Team. To verify your account you will need to supply your registration details:

• Your 16 digit Card number

• Your full name

• Your email address

Terms and Conditions

The complete Waterstones Plus and Waterstones Plus Student terms and conditions can be found here.

Points, Plus Stamps and Plus Balance Expiry

Waterstones Plus and Plus Student Card Expiry

If you do not collect any Plus Stamps or redeem any Plus Balance, or check your Plus Balance by logging in to your Waterstones.com account over 12 consecutive months, your Waterstones Plus or Plus Student account (and any associated Plus Stamps or Plus Balance) may be closed.

How do I protect my Plus Stamps and Plus Balance from expiry?

Any of the following actions will prevent your Plus Stamps and Plus Balance from expiring:

• Use your Plus card when shopping at a Waterstones bookshop or online on Waterstones.com.

• Ask for a balance enquiry at our tills – there's no need to purchase an item.

• Simply visit Waterstones.com/plus and sign in to your account.

Haven't found the answer you need? Contact our Customer Support Team.