Smart Thinking

Much to engage the mind this month - This is Your Brain on Music author Daniel J. Levitin returns with an invaluable breakdown of the statistical analysis that dogs our lives, A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics; Nobel laureate Dr Elizabeth Blackburn and TED favourite Dr Elissa Epel reveal the secrets of the Telomere and the suppression of aging in The Telomere Effect; and polymath Siri Hustvedt – author notably of the fiction What I Loved - presents A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women, a typically idiosyncratic collection of writings which spirals from her lively, playful take on fellow artists and writers to a return to Susan Sontag’s 1967 analysis of sexually explicit imagery, transposed to the modern era.

New and Coming Soon

The Little Grey Cells – Thinking Better

All in the Mind? – Psychology

On the Shoulders of Giants – Popular Science

Artificial Intelligence - The Information Age

The Money Machine – Business and Economics

Cultural Capital – Society and Sociology

The House Rules – Political Thought

The Thought Palace – Popular Philosophy