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Navigating your Kindle

Use the 5-way controller to navigate within your Kindle's menu screens and use the 5-way controller to make your selections.

Press the Menu button to display choices related to the screen you are viewing. The sample screen below shows you the screen you would typically see when you press the Menu button from within a book.

The illustration below shows the Home menu; the bold line under "Shop in Kindle Store" indicates that it is ready to be selected.

Using the Home screen

Your Home screen displays a list of all of your Kindle content and collections: books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, active content and personal documents.

Note: Audiobooks are not supported on Kindle.

To display the Home screen: Press the Home button near the bottom of your Kindle.

Device name: The name of your Kindle. You can edit this name on the Settings screen.

Show options: Choose which types of content you want displayed in Home.

Sort options: Choose the order you want content displayed in Home.

Title: The title of the item

Author or Date: For books, the author of the item is listed. For periodicals and blogs, the date is listed.

Unread title: The "new" label indicates the item has never been opened and is less than 24 hours old. Once you open a new item or more than 24 hours have passed, the "new" label is removed.

Archived Items: Downloadable items stored at Amazon.co.uk not currently on your device.

Sample: Indicates the book is a sample. If you like it, you can purchase the full book when viewing the sample.

Progress indicator: The series of dots below the item shows how long the book is and bold dots show how far you have read in a particular item.

Audiobook title: The "audio" label indicates the book is an audiobook. Audiobooks are not compatible with the latest generation of Kindle.

Pages in Home: Indicates the total number of pages in Home. Use the Next Page or Previous Page button to navigate the pages.

Periodicals: Select to access older issues of newspapers and magazines.

Wireless: Indicates 3G usage or Wi-Fi.

Collections: Sorts content based on categories you create on your Kindle to organise your content.

Shortcuts on your Kindle - How to...

Capitalise one letter: Navigate to letter, press On Screen Keyboard button + centre select

Switch between VKB tabs: Open Onscreen Keyboard and press the page forward button to move to the tab to the right, or page back button to move to the tab on the left.

Jump 7 letters: Open On Screen Keyboard, and press the keyboard button + right/left.

Delete: Open On Screen Keyboard, and press the keyboard button + prev page button on right.

Space: Open On Screen Keyboard, and press the keyboard button + next page button on right

Cursor right: Open On Screen Keyboard, and press the keyboard button + next page button on left

Cursor left: Press On Screen Keyboard+ Back

Refresh screen: Open On Screen Keyboard, and press the keyboard button + prev page button on left