Navigating your Kindle Fire

Swipe down from the top of the screen to see Quick Settings. From here, you can access volume, brightness, wireless options, or tap More to see other settings.

Locked/Unlocked: Tap to lock or unlock the screen rotation on your Kindle Fire HD. You can lock the screen to keep it from rotating when you tilt the device.

Volume: Tap to adjust the volume for your Kindle Fire HD. You can also adjust volume using the buttons on the outside edge of your device. Additional volume settings are available onscreen when watching a video, listening to music, and other activities.

Brightness: Tap to adjust screen brightness.

Wireless: Tap to connect your Kindle Fire HD to a Wi-Fi network, activate Bluetooth, or turn off Wireless.

Sync: Tap on Sync to sync data (Books, Audio Books, MP3, Video etc) from the server.

More: Tap the More icon to bring up additional settings for your account. These include individual applications, Parental Controls, Location-Based services, and more.

To close Quick Settings, swipe up toward the top of the screen.


Notifications appear beneath Quick Settings, and display information like download progress, app alerts and system alerts.

Tap notifications for details.

Tap Clear All to remove notifications.

To turn notification settings On or Off for individual apps:

Swipe down from the top of the screen.

Tap More, and then tap Applications.

Tap Notification Settings

Using the Option Bar

The Options Bar appears at the bottom of the screen when you're viewing a content library. It may be hidden when some applications are running.

To view it, swipe the tab that appears on the bottom or right of the screen. You'll see different options depending on the library or application you're using.

Additional settings are located in the Options bar at the bottom of the screen and bring up additional actions or settings, depending upon the content library or application. For example, within the Music library, tap the bottom of the screen to display Downloads, Settings, and Help options.

Standard options include:

Tap the Home button from anywhere on your Kindle Fire HD to return to the Home screen.

Tap to go to the previous screen.

Tap to view additional options related to the content type.

Tap to search your libraries, the Store, or the web.

Tap the star icon to view apps and content that you've marked as favorites.

Using the Carousel, Favorites, and Content Libraries

The Carousel on your Home screen displays your most recently viewed content, including books, videos, music, magazines, and apps.

Swipe your finger across the screen to advance the carousel.

Tap an item to select it.

The most recently accessed items appear first.

Newly purchased items are marked New.

Bookmark badges show what percentage of a book you've read.

To remove an item:

Tap and hold the item.

Tap Remove from Carousel.


Access your favorites by tapping the star in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To add an item in the Carousel to Favorites:

Tap and hold an item.

Tap Add to Favorites.

To remove an item from Favorites:

Tap the star.

Tap and hold and item, and then tap Remove from Favorites.


Your Libraries are displayed at the top of your Home screen. Libraries show all the content you own.

Tap the Library name to see all the available content within that Library.

Tap to select items in your Libraries. For example, tap Books, and then tap a book name on the Device tab to view the book.