Kindle accessories lifetime warranty

Here at Waterstones, we're committed to giving you the best eReading experience available. To support this we supply a lifetime warranty on all Waterstones branded Kindle covers.

If you have any queries about your Waterstones Kindle cover or would like to exchange it due to a manufacturing fault, please take it in to your local Waterstones, where any bookseller will be happy to help.


What is the Waterstones Kindle accessories lifetime warranty?

All Waterstones-branded cases, covers and pouches are eligible for the lifetime warranty. Waterstones-branded electrical items are covered by a one-year warranty only.


What is eligible for exchange?

Any cover that develops a fault as a result of the manufacturing is eligible for exchange.

For example, these situations would be covered:

  • The stitching unravels
  • The elastic straps are broken
  • The material has worn


What is not eligible for exchange?

Any cover that has been intentionally damaged or any damage that is not a result of a manufacturing fault.

For example, these situations would not be covered:

  • Damage resulting from the use of abrasives, chemicals or liquids
  • Stains from puddles and splashes
  • Burns and radiator-melted materials