Johny Pitts

Johny Pitts is an award-winning British writer, photographer and broadcast journalist.

Pitts was born in Sheffield. He studied poetry under Debjani Chatterjee and has performed solo and with notable poets at various venues, including the Albany Theatre and the Jazz Café in London.

Pitts has received various awards for his work exploring Afro-European experience, including the Decibel Penguin Prize and the European Network Against Racism Award. As a journalist, he has written for the Observer and Blues & Soul, amongst others, and is the founder of – an online journal and part of the Guardian’s Africa Network dedicated to the Afro-European diaspora.

He is the author of Afropean (2019), a powerful exploration of Black European identity, which won the 2020 Jhalak Prize.

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An eye-opening travelogue across European communities that fly under the radar of the mainstream media, Pitts’ evocative book inhabits Afro-European ghettoes, universities and communes, presenting a rounded view of blackness on a continent that increasingly struggles with racial and cultural identity.

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