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WW2 espionage...Alan Turing? That’s just the beginning.

Spies and prejudice

When it comes to WW2 espionage, everyone nods and says, Oh yeah, Alan Turing. They may mention Bletchley Park too. And think that’s the end of it. But - as Max Hastings shows - that is only a fraction of the whole...


Why another book on Waterloo?

Napolean did surrender 

Bernard Cornwell's latest book may be a first foray into non-fiction, but he's in very familiar historical territory. So, why bother to write another book on one of the most famous battles in history? Hear, he explains...


Video: Mary Beard Event

All hail!

Watch the engaging and entertaining Mary Beard as she talks about her new book on ancient Rome


History books covering all historical periods, plus more general world history books and history encyclopedias. Our range of military history books includes military biographies, books on the armed forces, military strategy books, and books on warfare.