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gift books

Who wouldn't want a book as a gift? Whether it's one of our satisfyingly sturdy coffee table books or a stunningly presented clothbound book, we have the perfect gifts for book lovers. If you really want to evoke delight, see our striking, cleverly designed beautiful books. And for those on a budget, or just wanting to buy a little but lovely treat, see our selection of wonderfully small gift books.

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Coffee-table books

Sophisticated, suave, erudite and well-mannered - the best coffee table books will say it all. Simply find one that best captures your interests and display it prominently in the living room for you or your guests to flick through at will.

Beautiful books

These striking, cleverly designed and beautifully packaged books look great on your bookshelves. Show someone you love just what they mean to you by buying a stunning edition of their favourite classic.

Signed & special editions

Rare gems, perfect for collectors, our special edition books vary from those including exclusive material, those that have been penned or stamped by the author and rare limited editions.