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Waterstones Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

We've updated our loyalty card! What once was the Waterstones Card is now Waterstones Rewards.

If you have a question about setting up or using Waterstones Rewards, you can find the answer(s) below.

How Do I Register For Waterstones Rewards?

Joining Waterstones Rewards is simple and free, and there are two ways to sign up:

  • Download our app, and register for an account (recommended - it's a great app!)
  • Register for an online account on Waterstones.com

What Do I Do If My Physical Card Has Been Lost/Stolen?

If your physical card has been lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Support Team so that we can send you a replacement physical card.

Please do include your postal address when filling in this form.

If you have downloaded the Waterstones Rewards app, we can issue you with a new digital card.

How Do I Check My Points Balance?

There are three ways to check your balance:

  • Download our app and sign in (recommended - our app makes shopping with us even better).
  • Ask a bookseller! They're very friendly.
  • Sign in to your Waterstones.com account and navigate to 'Waterstones Card'. Your balance will be listed here.

How Do I Close My Account?

To close your account, please contact our Customer Support Team.

To verify your account you will need to supply your registration details:

  • Your 16 digit Card number
  • Your full name
  • Your email address

Can I Claim the Points On An Old Receipt?

Yes, you have 30 days to add the points from a receipt to your account.

There are two ways to have points added to your card:

  • Take your receipt and your Waterstones Card to a Waterstones bookshop and ask a bookseller to add the points.
  • Contact our Customer Service Team, quote the number stated below the barcode at the foot of your receipt and include your 16-digit Waterstones Card number.
Be sure to select these options in the form:
    • Type: Waterstones Loyalty
    • Issue: Loyalty Card
    • Sub Issue: Add points

What Can I Earn Points On?

Points will be awarded on, and can be redeemed against, all merchandise sold in participating Waterstones shops, or on Waterstones.com, with the exception of purchases from:

  • Waterstones Marketplace
  • Waterstones Account Sales

Points will also not be awarded on these products:

  • Gift vouchers
  • Electronic gift cards
  • Book tokens
  • Theatre tokens
  • Stamps
  • Waterstones concessions
  • Other products from time to time as notified

Points Expiry

We have millions of customer loyalty accounts across the country. However not all of those are in active use, with more than a few physical cards hiding in the cracks of sofas and the backs of neglected drawers.

If you do not use your Waterstones Card for a consecutive period of three years, all of your accrued points will be lost. But don't worry! If your account is due to expire, we'll send you an email. Please make sure you update our Customer Support Team if your email address changes.

How Do I Stop My Points From Expiring?

Any of the following will prevent your points from expiring:

  • Use your account when shopping at a Waterstones bookshop or online on Waterstones.com.
  • Ask for a balance enquiry at our tills - you don't even need to spend anything.

Where Can I See the New Terms and Conditions?

You can view the updated terms and conditions of our Rewards scheme on our terms and conditions page.

Please see term 7c for the specific details regarding account expiry.

We would encourage you to read the full terms and conditions, as we have also made some general updates to them.

Haven't found the answer you need? Contact our Customer Support Team.