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Welcome to our Discworld books collection, where you can find the Discworld novels themselves as well as beautiful clothbound editions, maps, miscellanies, colouring books and encyclopedias from author Terry Pratchett.

Starting as a comedy fantasy series, Discworld parodied the genre's tropes with sharp satire, an abundance of footnotes, witty turns of phrase and a predeliction for surreal British humour. Leaving no stone unturned, for over 30 years Pratchett cut a swath through popular culture, from Hollywood's golden years in Moving Pictures, to mimicking police procedural novels in Guards! Guards!

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Discworld now spans over 40 books and at least six series arcs, not to mention the miscellanies, companions and science books published over the years. When finding a place to start, the publishing order is still the best reading order, starting with The Colour of Magic.

The Discworld Collection

The Discworld Collection

Sir Terry Pratchett's Gollancz-published Discworld novels have been exquisitely re-jacketed as The Discworld Collection. The results are arresting: brilliant clothbound books with unique, colourful illustrations and foiled aspects are a stylish new presentational format.

At a highly affordable price for the detail, they will sit proudly on any bookshelf and are a great gift for fans of the series.

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