Click & Collect

Reserve your book on, collect it from your local Waterstones and pay the online price.


How Click & Collect works

You will receive a confirmation message that the shop has received your order so please do not travel to the shop until they have sent you this confirmation.

STEP 1 Click & Collect

Find your book and enter your postcode into the Click & Collect field.

Please note, it is only possible to Click & Collect one item at a time.

Click & Collect

STEP 2 Shop Selection

This list will show nearby bookshops that have the book in stock. Select your preferred bookshop.

STEP 3 My Details

Complete the form and submit your reservation.

STEP 4 Order confirmation

Now that your reservation is placed, the bookshop will contact you when your book is ready.

Please do not travel to the shop until they have confirmed that they have your book.

How to select your Preferred Shop

Now you can choose your local bookshop as your 'Preferred Shop' for Click & Collect, making it easier than ever to reserve a book for collection.

Here's how it works:

Find your profile

Sign in to your account and find the 'My Profile' area within 'My account'.

Select your shop

Using the 'Preferred Shop' field, select the shop you would like to use as your default Click & Collect option.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Now, your Preferred Shop will be highlighted when you Click & Collect any item on


Frequently asked questions

What should I bring when I collect my Click & Collect item?

Please bring your Click & Collect Order Number with you, either on a printed copy of your confirmation email or on your smartphone.

How do I pay for my Click & Collect item?

You pay for your reserved item in the Waterstones bookshop when you collect it. The price paid is the price advertised online when the Click & Collect reservation was made.

What happens if the price is cheaper in the Waterstones shop I am collecting from?

You will always pay the lower price.

More often this will be the one on, but if the shop you are collecting from has the item at a lower price, then that is what you will pay.

Can I use online voucher codes when paying for a Click & Collect item?

No. To take advantage of any online voucher codes, items must be ordered and paid for on

Do I earn points on Click & Collect purchases?

Yes. Waterstones Card points can be earned in the same way as usual in line with the Terms and Conditions of the Waterstones Card scheme. Please be aware that if an item is in an online-only points offer, these will not be applied to your Click & Collect order.

Can I reserve more than one copy of a book using Click & Collect?

If you would like more than one copy of a book, you will need to place a reservation for every copy required.

Due to the popularity of many books and the number of copies that may be available at any one time, we recommend you either order online or speak to the shop directly if you need more than a couple of copies of any one item.

Is Click & Collect available in all Waterstones bookshops?

Click & Collect is available in UK stores, including campus branches.

Unfortunately it is not currently available in our European shops, though we hope to extend it at a later date.