Cheltenham Literature Festival

Friday 2nd – Sunday 11th October 2015

For book lovers, The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival is the only place to be this autumn. We not only welcome the world’s greatest writers and thinkers to Cheltenham, but also ask you to join us in exploring the theme of defining moments from the past, present and future.



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Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith

Pamela Armstrong chats to the internationally renowned author and we raise a glass to his indomitable success across his immense publishing catalogue. In this exclusive event we celebrate ten years of Alexander’s protagonist, Isabel Dalhousie, amateur sleuth and philosopher who uses her training to solve the most unusual of mysteries in his bestselling series, The Sunday Philosophy Club.

Venue: Imperial Square, Town Hall, The Drawing Room

Time: 3 - 4:15pm

Tickets: £20 (includes a glass of sparkling wine)

The Sunday Philosophy Club
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Anne Enright

Anne Enright

The Sunday Times Literary Editor Andrew Holgate presents one of his 2015 Must Reads, The Green Road, by the first Laureate for Irish Fiction. They discuss her story of fracture and family, selfishness and compassion.

Venue: Montpellier Gardens, The Salon

Time: 10:30 - 11:30am

Tickets: £8

The Green Road

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Anne Enright
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Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes

The Man Booker Prize-winning writer and art enthusiast talks to broadcaster Sarfraz Manzoor about Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art. Focusing chiefly on French artists, he traces art’s journey from Romanticism to Realism and into Modernism.

Venue: Montpellier Gardens, The Times Forum

Time: 4 - 5pm

Tickets: £10

Keeping an Eye Open
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Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie

One of the greatest modern writers discusses Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. Inspired by Eastern ‘wonder tales’, he blends history, mythology and a timeless love story in an age of unreason. Chaired by Mark Lawson.

Venue: Imperial Square, Town Hall, University of Warwick Stage

Time: 2:45 - 3:45pm

Tickets: £10

Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson

Twenty years on from Notes from a Small Island, the much-loved travel writer returns with The Road to Little Dribbling. Prepare to laugh out loud as he shares Britain’s best and worst with Mark Lawson.

Venue: Montpellier Gardens, The Times Forum

Time: 6:45 - 7:45pm

Tickets: £16

The Road to Little Dribbling
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