Booksellers' Picks

This month’s recommendations are from the booksellers of our flagship London Piccadilly branch. Waterstones Piccadilly is Europe's largest bookshop with over 8 miles of bookshelves offering a peerless selection of titles across every genre. Here are their choices for July:

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'Snuff Said!

A thought-provoking Science fiction masterpiece

This post-apocalyptic novel follows the story of Damilola Karpov, a drone pilot who lives in a floating city above Ukraine. His job is to record the conflicts happening below for news and entertainment. From the greatest Russian author of his time, Victor Pelevin gives us an insight into a fantastic world and asks questions about war, humanity and mass media.

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Lady Chatterley's Lawyer

The trials of literature's greatest legal aid.

Jeremy Hutchinson played a key part in the censorship which arose from the 60s onwards; Lady Chatterley, Fanny Hill, as well as Last Tango in Paris. Thomas Grant tells the story of a barrister who was a staunch defender of civil liberties as a member of the Bloombury Group.

'This book makes a compelling read, and is a real contribution to the history of 20th-century English mentalities. It is also a first-rate lesson in simple humanity' - Guardian

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Back to the Front

Louis De Bernieres, master storyteller, returns with a new novel

In the first of a projected trilogy inspired by a slice of his own family history, Louis De Bernieres returns to his favourite subjects - war and romance - and produces a sprawling novel which follows the lives of an unforgettable cast of characters before, during and after the Great War

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When life gives you lemons.......

A fascinating cultural history of Italy

'Attlee, who knows and loves Italy and the Italians, takes the reader through the country’s scented gardens with her sharp descriptions, pertinent stories and quotes and intriguing recipes. I was there with her.' - Telegraph 

'Helena Attlee's elegant, absorbing prose and sure-footed ability to combine the academic with the anecdotal, make The Land Where Lemons Grow a welcome addition to the library of citrologists and Italophiles alike'  - Times Literary Supplement

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Murakami Madness

The Japenese's authors long-awaited novel is out in paperback

Haruki Murakami's latest novel has been compared to everything from Chandler to Proust, and most often his own genre defining classic Norwegian Wood.

'He is a writer of great imagination and human sympathy, one who has enthralled millions of readers by building fictional worlds that are uniquely his' - Yoko Ono

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A Marx Of Authenticity

A beautiful hardback telling the story of the Groucho Club

A look at one of London night-life's biggest institutions. An intriguing insight into some of the acts that have performed in the Groucho Club as well as some of the interesting clientele that frequent it.