Waterstones Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Waterstones Plus

What is Waterstones Plus?

Waterstones Plus is our customer benefits programme, combining one of the high street’s most generous reward systems with news of the latest releases, incredible reader offers and access to special and signed editions. Run by book lovers for book lovers, Waterstones Plus is the gateway to everything we do, wherever you may be.

What are the key benefits toward joining Waterstones Plus?

Customers joining Waterstones Plus are part of one of the high street’s most generous reward systems. With 1 Plus Stamp earned for every £10/€12 you spend (in shop or online), with the exception of spend between £5/€5 and £9.99/€9.99 on eligible items, which will earn half a stamp. Collecting 10 Plus Stamps equals £10/€12 to spend with us, converted overnight. 

You can earn Plus Stamps and spend your Plus Balances in our shops, cafés and online via Waterstones.com or our Waterstones App for Apple and Android.

Plus members can receive regular benefits such as our hugely popular Waterstones Weekly – our Monday evening gateway to the week’s most exciting releases – and our regular Plus Rewards, with dazzling and imaginative prizes to delight readers. We offer access to signed and special editions, and early bird entrance to festivals and events.

With well over two million members, Waterstones Plus is the home of everyone who enjoys the unrivalled company of a good book.

What are the key benefits toward joining your email programme?

When joining Waterstones Plus, you will be presented with the option to opt into our email programme. Subscribing provides immediate access to benefits such as Waterstones Weekly, our Monday evening roundup of the latest titles for your bookshelf, and Plus Rewards, a regular curation of imaginative Plus draws and prizes designed to please the reader.

You will also enjoy access to signed and special editions, often unavailable anywhere else, together with early bird information on festivals and events. Waterstones sits at the heart of British publishing and through our email programme, you will join us at the centre of the action.

And if now and again you would like a break or unsubscribe completely, you can do so from your account preferences or from the link in each email we send.

How to Join Waterstones Plus

How do I join Waterstones Plus?

You can join Waterstones Plus in one of any three easy ways:

  • Over on Waterstones.com by clicking on the Plus symbol at the top of the page, which opens our Plus Registration page
  • By downloading our Waterstones app (available on both Apple and Android) and sliding open the Plus drawer from the bottom of the home screen, following the onscreen instructions
  • By visiting any one of our bookshops to pick up a Waterstones Plus card. Simply speak to a bookseller who will be pleased to help and answer any questions you may have.

What personal information do I need to share to join Waterstones Plus?

To begin, all we need is a valid email address so you can begin earning Plus Stamps as you shop. If you lose your card or forget your password, your email address is your key to your account details and any Plus Balance you may have earned.

To begin converting Plus Stamps earned to a Plus Balance you can spend, you must however complete your customer registration and validate your email address. We only look for your title, first name, last name and a robust password to secure your account. A world of Plus rewards is then at your fingertips.

By joining Waterstones Plus, will I receive lots of emails from Waterstones?

We like to think our free email programme offers not just great deals and access to signed copies, events and festivals, but also provides an invaluable insight to one of the world’s most creative and vital industries. Books are in our blood and we love talking about them.

However, we understand not every customer wants this. A basic Waterstones account includes only important service emails, and customers who join Waterstones Plus can choose to opt out of our email programme entirely. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

If I sign up for the digital version of Waterstones Plus, can I still collect a plastic version later?

Absolutely – simply visit any one of our bookshops and ask a bookseller. With your email address, they will be able to issue a physical card and link this with your existing account.

Waterstones Plus for Students

Do you offer a student discount card?

Plus Student is our rewards package custom built for students. Members receive all the standard Plus rewards, together with the additional benefit of an instant 5% discount on the majority of purchases.

How do I join Plus Student?

Simply begin your sign up here, select the student option on our Registration page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can download our Waterstones App (available for both Apple and Android), slide open the Waterstones Plus drawer on the App homepage, tick the ‘I am a student’ checkbox and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, you can sign up online at Waterstones.com with your ac.uk address or visit your local Waterstones with your student ID to register for a physical card. As soon as we have verified your status, you will be sent an activation email which will enable you to redeem your earned Plus balance.

Using Waterstones Plus

Do I need a physical Waterstones Plus card if I already have the Waterstones App?

No - swiping up from the Waterstones App homescreen reveals your digital Waterstones Plus Card which carries all the information you need, including the number of Plus Stamps you are away from earning your next £10/€12 and your current Plus Balance.

Do I earn Waterstones Plus Stamps on my total amount including postage?

No - Waterstones Plus Stamps are earned solely on purchases made, rather than on any additional extras such as postage.

How do I know how many Plus Stamps have I earned?

Plus Stamps are collected in sets of ten, or one ‘card’. Every £10/€12 spent earns 1 Plus Stamp; 10 Plus Stamps earns £10/€12. As each set of 10 Plus Stamps is collected, overnight your Plus Balance is credited £10/€12, available then to spend in shop or online.

Checking Your Plus Balance in Shop

You can find at the bottom of your receipt how many Plus Stamps you have earned on your current ‘card’ (for example, 3 Plus Stamps of 10), together with your running Plus Balance. A bookseller can also let you know your status by scanning your Waterstones Plus Card.

Checking Your Plus Balance Online

Online, clicking on the Plus logo on the top right of the Waterstones.com home page will launch the account sign on window. Once signed in, clicking again on the Plus logo will reveal your Digital Waterstones Plus Card which carries all the details you need to know, from Plus Balance to how many Cards you may have pending toward overnight credit.

When browsing items online, hovering over the Plus logo generates a pop-up window carrying your Plus Balance and how many Plus Stamps you are away from your next £10/€12 credit.

Checking your Plus Balance Using our App

Swiping up from the Waterstones App (available for Apple and Android) home page reveals your Digital Waterstones Plus Card, carrying the number of Plus Stamps you have earned on your current card, how many Plus Stamps you are away from earning your next £10/€12 credit, and your current Plus Balance.

I’m shopping online. When do I earn my Plus Stamps?

Your Plus Stamps are earned on the dispatch of the items you have purchased. If you receive your order in separate parcels, Plus Stamps will be awarded separately as each parcel is dispatched, with the final stamps due awarded when the last parcel is sent.

For every 10 Plus Stamps you earn, £10/€12 will be added to your Plus Balance overnight.

I’ve collected 10 Plus Stamps. When will I be able to spend the Plus Balance I’ve earned?

Every 10 Plus Stamps you earn are worth £10 (€12). On earning the tenth Plus Stamp, your earnings are credited overnight to your Plus Balance. You must collect a minimum of 10 Plus Stamps to add new credit to your account.

How do I redeem my Plus Balance?

At the till, or on checkout online or in our Waterstones App, simply nominate how much you would like to redeem. There is no lower threshold, so you can redeem as little or as much as you would like.

If you find you cannot redeem your Plus Balance, it may mean you have not completed your registration and email validation. Please ensure you complete these steps in order to spend your Plus Balance.

I’ve signed up to Waterstones Plus, but haven’t received my activation email. What should I do?

Your activation email should arrive within 24 hours. Some activation emails do become diverted by service providers to junk or spam folders, so please check these in the first instance. If there has been any problem with your application, you will receive a support email from our technical support team, but again do keep an eye on any spam folders.

If you cannot find your activation email, our booksellers will be pleased to help. Simply present your new Waterstones Plus Card at any Waterstones bookshop where we can confirm your details and ensure your application is correct. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support team, who will be able to offer help online.

Do I earn Waterstones Plus stamps on Click & Collect purchases?

Yes - Waterstones Plus Stamps can be earned when you pay for your order upon collection, in line with the Terms and Conditions of the Waterstones Plus Scheme.

Some Waterstones Plus Stamp offers are online only and will not be applied to your Click & Collect order.

What do I do if I've lost my Waterstones Plus card, or my Card has been stolen?

Even if your card is lost or stolen, as your Waterstones Plus account is linked to your personal email address when you complete your registration, your Plus Balance always remains completely safe.

To replace your physical card, simply pop into your local Waterstones bookshop and a bookseller will be a happy to help.

Alternatively, contact our Customer Support Team. Providing we can trace your original account, we will replace your card number, transfer over any earned Plus Stamps or Plus Balance, and post out a physical replacement Waterstones Plus Card.

Which types of purchases can I earn Plus Stamps on, and which types of purchases can I redeem my Plus Balance against?

Plus Stamps can be awarded on, and Plus Balances can be redeemed against, all merchandise bought at participating Waterstones shops, through the Waterstones App, and online at Waterstones.com.

Exceptions include purchases from Waterstones Account Sales and the following product types:

  • Gift vouchers*
  • Electronic gift cards*
  • Book tokens*
  • Theatre tokens
  • Postage stamps
  • Event Tickets (and books included as part of the event ticket price)
  • Waterstones concessions

Other products may be added to this list from time to time, as notified.

*Plus Stamps can be earned when redeeming a Gift Card or token

How do I manage or update my Waterstones Plus account details?

You can manage your Waterstones Plus account via Waterstones.com. Simply sign in using your account details and click on the ‘Plus’ icon at the top of the screen to access your account homepage. Selecting ‘My Account’ will take you to your Account Dashboard.

Can I claim Plus Stamps on an old receipt?

Yes - you have 30 days to add the Plus Stamps from a receipt to your account. You can add Plus Stamps to your Waterstones Plus Card by the following two ways:

  • Take your receipt and your Plus Card to a Waterstones bookshop and ask a bookseller to add the Plus Stamps
  • Contact our Customer Support team and quote the number recorded below the barcode at the foot of your receipt and your 16-digit Waterstones Plus Card number.

How do I close my account?

We'd be loathe to see you go, but to close your account, please contact our Customer Support Team. To verify your account you will need to supply your registration details:

  • Your 16 digit Waterstones Plus Card number
  • Your full name
  • Your email address.

Waterstones Plus Card Expiry and former Waterstones Stamp & Save Cards

I haven’t used my Waterstones Plus or Plus Student card for a time. Will my Plus account expire?

If you do not (over twelve consecutive months) collect any Plus Stamps, redeem any Plus Balance or check your Plus Balance (via visiting a Waterstones bookshop, our Waterstones App or by logging into your account and visiting your Plus account page), your Waterstones Plus or Plus Student account (and any associated Plus Stamps or Plus Balance) will expire.

How do I protect my Plus Stamps and Plus Balance from expiry?

To protect your Plus Stamps and Plus Balance from expiry, please perform any of the following actions:

  • Use your Plus card when shopping at a Waterstones bookshop, through the Waterstones App (available on both Apple and Android), or at Waterstones.com
  • Ask for a balance enquiry at our tills – there is no need to purchase an item and booksellers will be happy to assist
  • Check your Plus Balance by signing into the Waterstones App or visiting your Plus account page by clicking on the Plus icon on our homepage

I still have an old Waterstones paper Stamp & Save card. Is this still valid for transfer to Plus Stamps?

No - our former Waterstones Stamp & Save scheme officially came to an end during September 2018, with the basic principle of the scheme absorbed into Waterstones Plus.

We committed to converting outstanding paper Stamp & Save cards to customers’ Plus Balances for a further twelve months, allowing customers time to move over to our new rewards programme. By exception we continued to convert paper Stamp & Save cards until the close of January 2020.

From Monday 1 February 2021, some 28 months after the scheme’s official close, we can now no longer accept paper Stamp & Save cards, under any circumstance.

Where are your Waterstones Plus Terms and Conditions?

The complete Waterstones Plus and Waterstones Plus Student terms and conditions can be found here.

Haven't found the answer you need? Contact our Customer Support Team.

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