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Waterstones Marketplace

This site is currently unavailable while improvements are made.

Waterstones Marketplace offers an extensive range of used, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books.

In partnership with Alibris - a leader in used and collectible books, music, and movies - we can offer access to tens of millions of items stocked by independent sellers from 45 countries around the world.

Our partnership with Alibris means that you'll see the company's name at various points on the site and on your card statement ("Alibris Waterstones") if you buy something. However you will need to create a new sign-in for your Waterstones Marketplace Account, separate to your account as they are different sites.


How Shopping With Waterstones Marketplace Works

If there's an item we don't have in stock - or cannot get in stock easily - the product detail page will have the option to look on the Waterstones Marketplace. Simply click on the 'Find on Marketplace' button to begin searching.

On the Waterstones Marketplace page, each item will show its availability with other sellers. This is listed in the form of separate links giving details of each item (including the condition of the book, a picture of its cover, how many copies are available and the price). The links will take you to the seller's page for the item, which shows reviews of the book and an 'Add to basket' button.

If you choose to buy a book from Waterstones Marketplace, click the 'Add to basket' button next to the item(s) you wish to purchase. This will then take you to a new page that shows the contents of your shopping basket.

To finish shopping, click the 'Check out' button to begin processing your order.


Questions About Your Order?

If you placed an order on Waterstones Marketplace (even if you were redirected from, you will need to contact the Waterstones Marketplace Customer Service Team: for any questions related to your order.


Delivery Times

If you place an order on Waterstones Marketplace you will be given an 'Estimated Arrival Date' during the checkout process. Delivery times will vary depending on the location of the seller and international shipping may take up to 45 days.

If your order does not arrive by its estimated arrival date please contact the Waterstones Marketplace Customer Service Team:

Returns Policy

For advice on how to return an item purchased on Waterstones Market place please contact the Waterstones Marketplace Customer Service Team:


Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, you can't use gift cards, vouchers, your Waterstones Plus or Plus Student card or any other nominated Waterstones promotions.