Tax on International Deliveries

Answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions on Tax on International Deliveries are below.

Will I have to pay GST or VAT on orders being sent to my address outside the UK?

We expect tax to start being charged for countries in the EU from the 2 April 2024. As a customer you will start to be charged at the checkout from May 2024 for EU deliveries, based on the country where your order is shipped to.

For all other countries including Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand and some US States these will also start to have taxes levied from May 2024, with the tax charged varying by country, state (USA) or province (Canada).

Please check your local tax rules for importation of goods, as you will be liable for any additional tax charges where these apply to high value orders, for example single deliveries above AUD1,000 in Australia or higher than €150 in the EU.

What sort of tax will I see supplied to books in these locations?

Your local tax rate (whether VAT, GST or US Sales Tax) on books will apply.

Why is the tax estimated in the checkout?

At the point of checkout the tax is calculated with the rate at the time you placed your order. When your item(s) is shipped the tax rate may have changed and will need to be recalculated. The total amount that you pay will not change, but the tax element portion may be adjusted.

If I pay tax in the checkout will I have to pay anything when the book arrives?

Depending on the service selected by Waterstones and the country of importation, the taxes you would pay at checkout maybe partial. Therefore, the customers may be subjected to certain unavoidable domestic tax regulations and levies. However, Waterstones have made every attempt to provide a frictionless delivery experience. If you are charged or asked to pay to release then please contact Customer Services.

Can I collect Loyalty stamps or points on internationally delivered orders?

Yes, you can still accrue loyalty stamps / points on international orders.

How can I redeem my Waterstones Plus balance as an overseas customer?

From May 2024 customers placing orders for delivery outside of the UK can redeem their Waterstones Plus balance in any of our shops, as well as any orders placed for delivery to the UK. We are exploring ways for customers to redeem on international orders again in the future and are sorry that this has to be suspended for the time being.

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