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Welcome to the new and improved We've updated the entire look and feel of our website and made a whole raft of improvements that should make shopping with us easier than ever.

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So, what's new?


  • We've improved the look and feel of our website, making it a simpler and more pleasurable experience to shop online with Waterstones.

  • A fully responsive site that's designed for use on tablets and mobiles, making our Click & Collect service more convenient to use on the move.

  • We now have over 250,000 titles available within 24 hours - vastly improving your chances of getting the book you want, when you want it.


sIMPLER Click & Collect service

It's now much easier to Click & Collect on You can choose a 'Preferred Shop' which will be your default option when you Click & Collect with us.

    You can choose your Preferred Shop as follows:

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Find your local Waterstones using our Shop Finder.
    3. Select 'Make this my local shop'.

    Your choice is now saved.  No need to to enter your details each time you Click & Collect.

    Find out more on our Click & Collect page.

    Click & Collect

    fASTer Checkout

    • New customers don't need to register before making a purchase.
    • Our new Fast Checkout option allows you to place your order, with just the essential information needed to fulfil it.
    • And then you can save these details for your next visit, or complete your order as a guest.


    We’ve saved the important stuff...

    Good news for returning customers – your new account will retain these important details:

    • Order History
    • Purchased eBooks and MP3s
    • Reviews
    • Waterstones Cards
    • Wish Lists
    • Address Book


    Please update your payment details

    For your safety and security we have not transferred your credit/debit card details, and ask that you renew these with us. Don't worry if you're in a hurry – you can enter and save these details in the checkout the next time you shop with us on


    Goodbye e-wallet, hello virtual gift card

    Any funds held on your online e-wallet can be found on a new virtual gift card under 'Gift cards' within your account. You can use them in the same way you would any gift card, by selecting 'Use a gift card' at the Payment Options stage of checkout. Also, any gift card refunds you receive will now go back on to the card you used for the order, rather than your e-wallet, so remember to keep hold of it.

    My Account

    More blog. More books.

    We're proud of the Waterstones blog, and its huge array of regularly updated content including:

    • Guest articles from high-profile authors, expert booksellers, publishers and more
    • Author interviews, from the hottest debut writers to the biggest names in the book world
    • Exclusive extracts and serials.
    • Competitions, giveaways, galleries and more!

    We've built our new site with our blog in mind so it's now easier to find across 

    Again, we'd love your feedback, so don't forget to add your comments on the blog or on Twitter and Facebook.


    Reviews and Comments

    Many thousands of reviews, submitted by customers and expert booksellers, are now much simpler to find and reviewing is easier than ever.

    We've also added some more helpful features:

    • Comment on reviews and join in the conversation

    Writing a review isn’t all. Start a conversation about a book by asking questions and join in by commenting on other people’s reviews.

    • Editable display names

    A popular request – you can now change your display name within your account under ‘My Profile’.

    • Share reviews to your social media accounts

    We love reading your reviews – so will others! Now you can easily share your reviews with friends.

    more Wish list options

    You won't recognise our new Wish Lists - they've been completely transformed. You can now create and share as many lists as you like.

    • Create multiple lists with your account.
    • Share your curated lists to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
    • Add notes and comments to your chosen books.

    Wish Lists

    Use more than one gift card

    This is something you've been asking for, so we're happy to announce that you can now use more than one Waterstones gift card on a single transaction.


    Save Multiple Credit/Debit Cards

    You can also save multiple Credit/Debit Cards to your account for easy access. You can manage these within the 'Payment' section in your online account.

    Gift Cards and Payment Cards