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Writing a review is a great way to share your experience of a book with thousands of other readers, plus it's an opportunity for you to take part in the success of a book. Reviews can make or break a title online; if it gets a positive buzz it can out-perform all planned marketing and promotion of that book. There need to be a few ground rules. Some are obvious (no bad language), and some are to ensure your review gets read again and again.


  1. Give an honest opinion
  2. Tell others how the book made you feel
  3. Point out what you liked or disliked
  4. Let other readers know what books and authors would be of similar interest, eg "Great for fans of Harry Potter"


  1. Use profanity, prejudiced language or terms of abuse
  2. Repeat or make potentially libelous comments
  3. Mention web addresses, emails or phone numbers
  4. Post text you haven't written yourself
  5. Post material that is deliberately intended to upset other users
  6. Give away key plot elements or endings

We and other readers of the site really appreciate your reviews and we look forward to reading them.

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Review examples

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

"Go and buy it! Such an exciting thriller and very clever, because the female lead is not immediately the most sympathetic character. There are layers within layers and the twists and turns are challenging. Just when you think one problem is solved near the end, it becomes clear there are many more. I rushed straight out to buy the other two parts of the trilogy even though the third is still in hardback. Don't hesitate - buy it and tell all your reading buddies about it."

The Hunger Games - Hunger Games Trilogy No. 1 by Suzanne Collins

"My son, who is 13, and a somewhat irregular reader picked this up and sped through it in just two days. He found the narrative compelling and the lead characters believeable, and he can't wait for the sequel. I've since started reading it and have to admit that for what it is it's a damn good read. Highly recommended for teenagers - both girls and boys."

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

"What a beautifully written novel. The author's prose style reflects the Northern mountain landscape she immerses the reader in... clear, limpid and lyrical. She evokes the harsh brutality of the exterior world in stark juxtaposition with the poetic interior life of her protagonist, never letting go of the tension and drama of the plot. There is also a picaresque, and almost surreal feel to the book, however this never feels contrived. I loved this book, and I think that those who enjoyed Stef Penney's Tenderness of Wolves will feel the same!"

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