Online Contributions, Postings and Submissions

Waterstones may ask you to submit your own material, whether recommendations, contributions or otherwise, for use or display on any part of, or any other website identified by Waterstones for any purpose, whether editorial, commercial or other. The material you submit may include photographs, text, video or audio.

If you submit material you must allow Waterstones to use that material as it sees fit, without any obligation to recompense you, on any media and in any territory.

Any material submitted may be moderated, edited and/or removed, and you grant Waterstones the right to do so as it sees fit and for any purposes.

You confirm that any material you submit is your own work, does not infringe anyone else's rights and is not defamatory. You also confirm that any submission is made in a personal capacity, and not in furtherance of your business aims, unless it is clearly stated so to be.

You also confirm that you are over the age of 16, or if not, that you have the permission of your parent or guardian to submit materials to Waterstones. We will usually place your name alongside any materials you submit and you give us the right to do so.

You acknowledge that Waterstones is a commercial organisation, and you grant to Waterstones the right to use any material you submit for its commercial purposes.

Waterstones may share any material you submit with any third party. For the purposes of this paragraph, in respect of any materials you submit, you agree to grant a licence for all purposes, for 50 (fifty) years, to Waterstones.

Any copyright in your contribution will remain with you and unless we agree to the contrary, and subject to the licence referred to above, you can continue to use the material you submit to Waterstones

We may allow, or encourage you to share any material you submit on other websites, including social media sites. In so doing, you do so entirely at your own risk, and you agree to indemnify Waterstones for any loss it sustains as a result.

Any material submitted, and any personal information conveyed to us is also subject to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

You must not submit any material if you do not agree with these provisions.