eReader support

Here at Waterstones we're committed to giving you the best eReading experience available. Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the eReaders we sell.

Please note:

If you are having trouble downloading, accessing or reading eBooks sold on, including using the Overdrive and Adobe Digital Editions applications, please see our eBooks Frequently Asked Questions page for help. 


My eReader doesn't seem to charge

If your eReader's battery is fully depleted then it may need charging for up to an hour before you able to turn the device back on. If you have a Sony eReader then you will see the charging indicator light up on the top of the device, which shows that it is charging.

The battery life seems shorter than the 'weeks of reading' that was advertised

eInk screens only use power when you change what's on the page giving them unrivalled battery life. To maximise this battery life make sure you fully shut the device down rather than simply turning it off. For details on how to do this refer to the user manual on your eReader. If your eReader also has wi-fi having this turned on will use more battery than if it's not active.

My eReader keeps turning itself off

eReaders with colour LCD screens have an auto power off function that can turn the screen off in as little as two minutes if no buttons are pressed. This isn't a fault with the device and is designed to preserve the battery life for more reading.

My eReader screen is frozen or unresponsive

eInk screens will continue to show content on the screen even when the battery is depleted giving the impression that the device is frozen. Connect the device to the charging cable and you should see the charging indicator light up. This may take up to an hour before the device can be turned back on. If your device is still frozen, then use the reset button on the device, which should solve the issue. This button is usually a hole in the device that can be pressed in with a paperclip. Alternatively make sure that your device is running the latest software as this can cause the device to freeze up. Click here to get the latest software for your eReader.

My screen is showing horizontal or vertical lines on the screen

This is symptomatic of a fracture on the eInk panel so please contact our help and support line for resolution.

My Sony Stylus has broken

This is a known issue with the Sony PRS650 and PRS350 eReaders. Please contact Sony customer services directly to arrange a replacement on 08705 111 999.

Why is the memory available on my device less than advertised

An eReader that has 2GB of memory has slightly less memory available for the storage of eBooks as the operating software of the device uses some of this storage space. This is common on electronics devices. We try where possible to quote how many eBooks a device will hold but manufacturers use different measures. A typical eBook file is 2MB with 1000MB in 1GB meaning roughly 500 eBooks per 1GB.

What's your return policy for eReaders?

For information on our returns policy for eReaders please see our Returning Items page.