eBooks & MP3 Audio Downloads

Important notice for our eBooks and MP3 Audio Downloads customers

The Waterstones digital download store has now closed, but we partnered with Kobo to make sure that you will still be able to access your library of eBook titles.

On 14th June 2016 we sent you an email with a personalised link to transfer your eBooks to Kobo. If you didn’t receive this email please contact our Customer Support Team for help.


About Kobo

Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services, empowering booklovers to read more. With Kobo, you’ll enjoy easy, instant access to their eBookstore of over 5 million of the world’s best eBooks that can be read anywhere, on any device. Plus, you’ll earn Kobo Super Points rewards with every purchase.

eBooks Frequently Asked Questions

eBooks are no longer available to download on Waterstones.com but we’ve invited our customers to transfer their eBooks to Kobo.


Will All of My eBooks Be Accessible With Kobo?

The vast majority of eBooks will be able to be transferred, but there may be a small number of books that Kobo will not be able to support. Kobo will inform you which titles cannot be transferred; if you have any questions about these titles, please contact us.

How Did the Transfer Work?

We contacted customers by email on Tuesday 14th June with a unique link and instructions on how to transfer your eBook library to Kobo. You can then use the Kobo apps to read and enjoy your purchases.

What if I Didn't Receive This Email?

Please contact us if you did not receive an email on, or soon after, Tuesday 14th June 2016 then please contact us.

Can I Use Waterstones Gift Cards or Loyalty Points With Kobo?

Unfortunately not, although you will earn Kobo Super Points rewards with every purchase and Kobo gifts cards are available for purchase from a number of retailers.


Audio Downloads

Unfortunately Audiobooks are no longer available to buy on Waterstones.com. If you haven’t yet downloaded your audiobooks, please contact us.

If you have any other queries please contact our Customer Support Team.