The Hayes Lectures: How Black Was My Valley - Brad Evans on Post-Industrial Wales

Thursday 25th April 2024
19:00 - 20:00 at Waterstones, Cardiff

The Hayes Lectures: How Black Was My Valley - Brad Evans on Post-Industrial Wales

Join us for an insightful solo lecture by Brad Evans on the state of Wales in its post-industrial era. Providing a searing insight and honest portrayal of post-industrial communities ravaged by decades of abandonment, How Black Was My Valley is the story of lives defined by poverty, catastrophe and the fading dreams of better futures.

Born into poverty in the Rhondda valleys of South Wales, Brad Evans is a political philosopher, theorist and writer whose work specialises on the problem of violence. He is Chair of Political Violence & Aesthetics at the University of Bath, where he is the founder and director of the Centre for the Study of Violence. He is the author of over 20 books and edited volumes.

How Black Was My Valley

How Black Was My Valley
 is a people’s history of the former mining communities of South Wales.

Weaving together the personal with the political, it offers a damning depiction of the hardship and suffering, the tragedy and pain, as a politically abandoned people went from powering the British Empire and the Great Wars, to a broken post-industrial community, lost in time.

It travels with devastating and yet humane insight across the dark shadows of the valley’s history. In doing so, it deals with disaster and resistance; memory and landscapes of despair; the brutal past and the neglected present; hardship and poverty; unemployment and isolation; lack of opportunity and the normalisation of hopelessness; death and suffering; structural violence and everyday subjugation; onto the crises of white male subjectivity and the exponential rise in drug abuse and personal suicide, whose troubling effects can no longer be easily contained within its mountainous walls.

This is not a story of resilience. Instead, readers are taken on a journey into an open wound, whose once silent screams can no longer be ignored.

“Anybody interested in the history of working class resistance, and people’s daily struggles when confronting deep poverty blighting postindustrial communities should read this devastating study.” - Paul Mason, author of PostCapitalism.

“Evans beautifully crafted words and thoughts are now seared into me forever. Sit with each chapter for a while as its true devastation dawns on you. These are tales of survivance when the outcome looks preordained because of neglect and cruelty, told with a level of detail that truly immerses. Thank God these stories are now being told. The boy of the valleys has come home and roared.” - Lucy Easthope, author of When the Dust Settles.

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Cardiff Waterstones, Cardiff
Thursday 25th April 2024
19:00 - 20:00
General Admission £7
Waterstones Plus Cardholder £5

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