Spooky Suffolk Fiction with S.A. Harris and Polly Crosby

Wednesday 7th June 2023
19:00 at Waterstones, Norwich - Castle Street

Spooky Suffolk Fiction with S.A. Harris and Polly Crosby

An evening of haunting mystery unites two amazing local authors on a similar theme.

Polly Crosby's Vita and the Birds

1997: The Suffolk Coast. Eve Blakeney has returned to the place of her childhood summers. As a teenager, she broke into a derelict building there, and what she discovered has haunted her ever since.

A portrait identical to her, but painted years before she was born. Yet something else too, on the edge of her memory...

1938: Vita Goldsborough is trapped by her status and her brother, Aubrey. Only when she befriends a local artist does she finally have something to call her own. But Aubrey can never know the extent of their friendship.

What links the two women is a heart-breaking secret, and as Vita fights to be free, like the birds she loves so much, Eve must uncover the shattering truth.

S.A. Harris' Seahurst

Evie Mathews and her son Alfie flee from her abusive partner Seth to spend New Year with her half-brother Luke at their late father's summer home on the Suffolk Coast, only to find Seahurst abandoned and Luke missing. Evie searches for her brother, filled with a deepening dread that something is very wrong at Seahurst and their father's death may not have been suicide after all. As Seahurst's ancient and sinister secrets unfurl around her, Evie fears the souls of the dead will soon claim another terrible revenge.

Norwich - Castle Street Waterstones, Norwich - Castle Street
Wednesday 7th June 2023

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