Engage with COP26 - Arkbound Publishing Book Launches

Tuesday 9th November 2021
19:00 at Waterstones, Bristol - Galleries

Engage with COP26 - Arkbound Publishing Book Launches

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Arkbound's newest climate publications: Climate Adaptation and Great Adaptations.

The evening will entail a discussion about both new titles, the topics covered and the themes that derive from them. We won't be shying away from the climate conversation and we invite you not to either.

With atmospheric CO2 at unprecedented levels and insufficient action being taken to prevent a rise in temperatures above 2 degrees centigrade, we are not just looking at significant disruption but the possibility of societal collapse.

For the first time ever, the magnitude of this challenge is faced head on, with avenues to truly address it presented. Case studies and models from 16 authors around the world show ways that we can build adaptation and resilience, as well as what ‘zero emissions’ really mean.

You will get a chance to hear from Climate Adaptation contributors and Morgan Phillips, author of Great Adaptations and contributor to Climate Adaptation.

Bristol - Galleries Waterstones, Bristol - Galleries
Tuesday 9th November 2021

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