An Evening with Rosie Hewlett in Conversation with Sarah Underwood

Tuesday 16th April 2024
18:30 at Waterstones, Birmingham

An Evening with Rosie Hewlett in Conversation with Sarah Underwood

Join us for a magical evening with award winning author, Rosie Hewlett, discussing her latest novel ‘Medea’. Shunned. Persecuted. Tormented. Fierce. Powerful. Sorceress. She will have her revenge and everyone will know her name… Rosie will be in conversation with Sarah Underwood, author of 'Lies We Sing to the Sea'. 
About the Book 
Throughout her life Medea has been shunned by her mother, separated from her sister, and tormented by her father and brother. All because she possesses a mysterious and powerful gift – magic.

But when a dashing young hero, Jason, arrives to claim the famed Golden Fleece that her father fiercely protects, Medea sees her opportunity for escape. Her offer to help Jason overcome the trials set by her father sets in motion a journey that will test every ounce of her strength, magic and loyalty; a journey that will see her battle monsters, dethrone kings and fall in love. But when faced with the ultimate betrayal, Medea is driven to an act of desperation so brutal it rips apart the lives of everyone involved...

Though Medea has been immortalised by Euripides in his renowned play, she is often only relegated to the footnotes of Jason’s myth – until now. In this dark and epic feminist retelling, the Witch of Colchis’ full story is brought to the forefront, from her early years to her brutal, infamous ending.

From the award-winning author, Rosie Hewlett, Medea is an unmissable mythology retelling which explores Ancient Greece’s most powerful and complex woman in a bold and unflinching new way.

About the Author

Having secured a first-class honours degree in Classical Literature and Civilisation at the University of Birmingham, Rosie Hewlett has studied Greek mythology in depth and is passionate about unearthing strong female voices within the classical world. Her self-published debut novel, Medusa, won the Rubery Book of the Year award in 2021.  
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“A fiery and dramatic novel, starring one of mythology's most notorious women, this is a fascinating descent into darkness and a compelling portrayal of a toxic and tragic relationship. Rosie Hewlett gives us flawed and intriguing characters who bring out the very worst in one another, spiralling inevitably towards a tragedy they can't seem to escape.’ - Jennifer Saint, bestselling author of ‘Ariadne’, ‘Elektra’ and ‘Atalanta’
“A deeply humanising, visceral portrayal of one of myth’s most controversial figures.” - Bea Fitzgerald, author of ‘Girl, Goddess, Queen’

“Hewlett brings the story of Medea alive with poetry and verve, pointing out that our image of this monstrous woman was created by monstrous circumstances. Full of thwarted love and dark magic, this tale renders Medea sympathetic without ever sanitizing or sugar-coating her. Vivid and powerful, this is a book with teeth.” - Luna McNamara, author of ‘Psyche and Eros’
Birmingham Waterstones, Birmingham
Tuesday 16th April 2024

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