An Evening with Lex Croucher in Conversation with Kat Dunn

Wednesday 14th June 2023
18:00 at Waterstones, Birmingham

An Evening with Lex Croucher in Conversation with Kat Dunn

Join for us a fantastic evening with Lex Croucher, to celebrate her YA debut ‘Gwen and Art are NOT in Love’. This is a perfectly imaginative take on a post-Round Table world, a book that takes historical fiction to a hugely entertaining new level, with a story that focuses on friendship, family and the pursuit of self and love, with the backdrop of courtly machinations. Lex will be in conversation with Kat Dunn, author of the ‘Battalion of the Dead’ trilogy and the upcoming novel ‘Bitterthorn’. 
About the Book
‘Gwen and Art are NOT in Love’ is a tale of a princess of England, betrothed to a rakish noble and united in mutual hatred, Gwen and Art are absolutely not in love. But when they come to the realisation that each other is queer, they make a pact to cover for each other – adventure and high jinks ensues, all against the backdrop of Camelot and a summer tournament. And as their individual worlds become increasingly intertwined, the takes couldn’t be higher… 
About the Author
Lex Croucher grew up in Surrey, reading a lot of books and making friends with strangers on the internet, and now lives in London with an elderly cat. With a background in social media for NGOs, Lex now writes historical-ish romcoms for adults (‘Reputation’, ‘Infamous’) and historical fantasy romcoms for teenagers. ‘Gwen and Art are NOT in Love’ is their YA debut. 
“Gwen and Art was exactly what I need right now – a delightful, heart-warming, hilarious historical  romp, overflowing with queer panic and terrible jokes. I loved it” – Alice Oseman
Birmingham Waterstones, Birmingham
Wednesday 14th June 2023

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