An Evening With Jasper FForde

Thursday 8th February 2024
19:00 - 21:00 at Waterstones, Oxford

An Evening With Jasper FForde

Join us for an evening with Jasper Fforde to celebrate the release of Red Side Story, the brilliant sequel to his acclaimed smash hit Shades of Grey.

About the Book:

The author of The Eyre Affair and The Constant Rabbit delivers a typically singular dystopia rich in wit and his own delightfully singular vision, as two citizens of a world whose hierarchies are based on the colour spectrum strike out on a quest looking for answers.

Imagine a world where your position in society depended on what bit of the colour spectrum you could see. This is the world inhabited by Eddie Russett (red, middle-level) and Jane Grey (monochromatic, lowest in society). Eddie and Jane must negotiate the delicate Chromatic politics of society to find out what the 'Something that Happened' actually was, how society got to be this way, and crucially, is there Somewhere Else beyond their borders - and if there is, could there be Someone Else, too, someone whose unseen hand has been guiding the fortunes and misfortunes of the nation for the past 500 years?

It's a tale of a young couple's thirst for justice and answers in an implacably rigid society, where the prisoners are also the guards, and cages of convention bind the citizens to only one way of thinking - or suffer the consequences...

Further details: 01865 790212

Oxford Waterstones, Oxford
Thursday 8th February 2024
19:00 - 21:00

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