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Read Fathomless Riches

Read Fathomless Riches

Richard Coles shares the story of his journey from pop star to priest.

Women and cults

Women and cults

Peggy Riley, whose novel, Amity & Sorrow features a fundamentalist, polygamous cult made up of one man and his fifty wives, discusses the place of women in cults and more conventional religion.

Non-fiction Book of the Month: Happiness by Design

Non-fiction Book of the Month: Happiness by Design

We all want a little happiness in our lives and quite often it feels like everything seems to be working out for everyone else but you. Our Non-fiction Book of the Month, Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan, shows us how to actively re-design our immediate environment and incorporate the most recent research findings into our everyday lives. Read the first chapter here.

Any book is a religious text to us at Waterstones, but here you can browse books on religion as well as religious texts from all faiths. You can also read and enjoy the works of great philosophers, new and old, by browsing our Philosophy books and Philosophy textbooks.