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Star Wars
The Force has indeed awakened with our stunning, Bantha-sized collection of Star Wars brilliance, featuring the must-have titles for the release of Rogue One. From spectacular LEGO® sets for the very youngest Jedi to comprehensive ‘art of’ titles for the oldest Sith!

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Our Bestselling Star Wars Books

Rogue One

The Art and The Making of Star Wars

With all its dirtied-down detail and extraordinary sound design, by 1977 George Lucas had created cinema’s first true alternate reality. The craft behind that effort established entirely new technical standards and its realisation is every bit as immersive as the films themselves. From the classic Art Of… series, continued now with The Art of Star Wars: Rogue One to the backstory of how George Lucas conceived and funded Star Wars in the first place, any of these titles are nirvana to the true fan.

Join The Path to The Force Awakens

The Empire is crushed… or is it? The Emperor is rumoured dead and the second Death Star has been destroyed, but never underestimate the ancient evil that has dominated an entire galaxy. Discover the climatic events that lie bewteen the climax of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi and the extraordinary extraordinary Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Star Wars for the Youngest of Jawa

Perfect for your Padawan, there’s a universe of Star Wars titles perfect for younger readers,  capturing all the drama and excitement but being specially created for younger fans in mind… and don’t miss The Star Wars Joke Book which will have them quipping like mini-Han Solos in no time!

Star Wars: The Graphic Universe

For years, comics kept the Star Wars flame alive when the light from the film series itself had long since faded away. Over the years since, the Star Wars graphic novels have become their own spellbinding version of George Lucas’s universe, adding an enthralling dimension to the saga.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens heralded a new era of Star Wars adventure, an era built for both a new generation of fans and those who wistfully look back on the classic series of that began with the adventures of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Build Your Own Star Wars Universe, Brick By Brick!

All the thrill and detail of Star Wars, by way of the world's most famous building brick. Star Wars Lego® has launched a thousand YouTube videos and driven millions of imaginations to ever-greater heights of plastic creativity.

Plotting Your Next Move

How can the rebel alliance plan their advances without a journal or post card to jot their plans down on? And just so there's no conflict of dates, of course a calendar is a must.