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Star Wars

From the spectacular artwork of the Star Wars comics to the playful Lego® Star Wars figures, the inventive activity books for children to the comprehensive encyclopaedias, there are Star Wars gifts for everyone craving epic battles between the dark side and the light.

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A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as A Game of Thrones to watchers of the cult HBO show, is now legend - the most popular fantasy series of our time, and set to intrigue fans for many more years to come, if the rumours of a new novel are proven true.

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Doctor Who has provided a bastion of great British science fiction writing for over 50 years - with writers new and old among the hallowed ranks of esteemed authors taking up the mantle to craft these seminal sci-fi classics.

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The A - Z of Brandon Sanderson

The King of The Cosmere

Bookseller Reece Dinn introduces the writing of Brandon Sanderson as part of our new profiles series.


Exclusive Q & A: Neil Gaiman

A Legend talks to little old us

A sharp inhalation of breath - yes, this is exclusive. Yes, this is Neil Gaiman. Yes, we do feel lucky.


Is Dune the greatest Science Fiction book ever written?

Dune deal

The editor for the recently published 50th anniversary edition of Frank Herbert's classic novel argues the case.


Delve into parallel worlds with these epic fantasy books and urban fantasy series, and explore galaxy-spanning futuristic universes in our highly-recommended space opera books. Or, if it's a scare you're looking for, take a look at our horror books and ghost stories for a frighteningly good read.