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Popular astronomy & space
Space, the final frontier, the gateway to the universe. Whether you dream of being the next Tim Peake or you’re happier observing the stars with your feet planted firmly on the ground, we have the perfect book to take you there.
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Our Astronomy and Space Bestsellers

A Map to the Stars

Stargazing and The Best Guides to the Night Sky

One Giant Step for Man

Beginner's Guides and Reference Books

Space Odysseys: The Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures

Mankind's fascination with the cosmos stretches back long before the first unmanned mission of Sputnik 1 in 1957. The Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures can attest to this long-held curiosity; taking place almost every year since 1825, the lectures have so often been devoted to unravelling the mysteries of our universe. Freelance astronomy writer Colin Stuart was lucky enough to gain access to the RI's archive and has published a hand-picked selection of the lectures in the handsome and insightful collection, 13 Journey's Through Space and Time, with a foreward by astronaut Tim Peake. Stuart shares some thoughts on our passion for space exploration. 

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The Stars Our Destination

Writing From the Frontiers of Space Exploration

We Have Lift Off!

Gifts for the Junior Astronomer

Into the Stratosphere

Gifts That Are Out of This World

No More Worlds to Conquer

Chris Wright is a freelance journalist, researcher and consultant who decided to go in search of sixteen of the world's highest achievers. He did so not merely to recount their achievements but to find out what they did next. From the astronaut who has turned his hand to painting, to the World Cup-winning footballer who became an undertaker, each person has had to fight to find meaning in their lives after their fame faded. His new book, No More Worlds To Conquer, is a collection of the revealing interviews he had with the people he met. Here, Wright introduces this compelling and inspiring project.

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Space Manuals

Haynes Guides to Astronomical Engines

The Beauty Above

Astrophotography Books

15 Million Degrees by Lucie Green

Lucie Green is a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London. Her new book, 15 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of The Sun is an enthralling work that, like all the best non-fiction, will make readers reconsider something they see literally every day. As The Telegraph noted, "The future of solar science is bright, and Lucie Green is an inspiring guide.” Here, Lucie Green discusses what it is like for Tim Peake working in the International Space Station - a man flying close to the sun.

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