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Already much to choose from in 2017's nascent publishing: senior CIA leadership analyst and the professional who formally identified Saddam Hussein post his capture, John Nixon, makes for a compelling account of the dictator’s subsequent interrogation in Debriefing the President; four years after her passing, the General Editor of the benchmark Penguin History of Britain and key cultural commentator David Cannadine presents his take on the Iron Lady in Margaret Thatcher: A Life and Legacy; and, on the back of his compelling journalism for The Atlantic (‘What ISIS Really Wants’), Graeme Wood presents the essential read that is The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State.

Finally, in anticipation of the commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day, widely prefigured in publishing this month with David Cesarani’s anticipated paperback Final Solution and eminent historian Lawrence Rees’s landmark publication, The Holocaust: A New History.

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Bestselling British History

America - Past, Present and Future

Philippe Sands on Europe's Dark Past

East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity is a profound and vital work that explores how international justice was forged, and the two men,  Lauterpacht and Lemkin, who fought to establish the terms ‘crime against humanity’ and ‘genocide’ so firmly in our legal systems. Here, the author Philippe Sands QC, a Professor of Law at University College London and a barrister at Matrix Chambers, discusses the works that inspired his Baillie Gifford Prize longlisted book.

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The Holocaust

Russia in Revolution, 1917

A New History of the World

Dr. Peter Frankopan is a historian and Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University whose writing has featured in The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Guardian. His internationally bestselling The Silk Roads, which was our Waterstones Non-fiction book of the Month in June, charts the history and resurgence of that once glorious transportation network. The challenging and dazzling work rewrites history from an Eastern perspective and argues why we need to rethink our Western bias.

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