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Sports people seem to be omnipresent in the modern world, from the front to the back pages and on social media.  But, what do we really know about them? The very best sporting memoirs, like The Life of Senna  and El Diego, take the reader beyond the public mask and show us the real human behind the, often, superhuman feats.  Or perhaps they introduce us to a life we knew little or possibly even nothing about.
Oliver Kay’s book Forever Young, all about the tragically short life of Adrian Doherty, does this brilliantly.  A little known young footballer is revealed to the reader and will not be forgotten.  Richard Askwith’s fabulous Today We Die a Little re-introduces the world to one of its greatest athletes, Emil Zátopek, a man whose achievements deserve the highest quality retelling.

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Congratulations to William Finnegan with Barbarian Days A Surfing Life.  Winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

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Chasing Emil Zatopek

Emil Zatopek is a forgotten Olympic champion and arguably one of the greatest long-distance runners who ever lived. So why do we all not know who he is?

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Forever Young: The Story of Football's Lost Genius

Chief Football Correspondent for The Times Oliver Kay introduces his new book about Adrian Doherty, the player who looked set for a great future with Manchester United but who died tragically young.

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