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Welcome to a feast for the eyes, a collection of the best in Art, Design Fashion and Photography undoubtedly led this year by the master of the modern David Hockney. His ambitious overview, A History of Pictures nestles alongside captured worlds; be it the modern mode of Inside Vogue or Lost England, fading into the distance.

The question is: what are you looking at?

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Shaun Tan: The Grimm Sculptor

Shaun Tan is an award-winning artist, illustrator and author. Beloved for his quirky, surreal style, Tan is best known for his illustrative work on the picture books The Lost Thing and The Rabbits. His latest book, The Singing Bones, is an exquisitely unusual, entirely original and simply beautiful collection of art inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales. We are honoured to present this behind-the-scenes glimpse of Tan's artistic process, exclusive to Waterstones and perfectly apt for All Hallows' Eve.

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Suzanne Dean On Designing The New Vintage Russian Classics Series

As the nights draw in and the days become crisp, what better texts to turn to than the Russian Classics? It just so happens, Vintage have released an absolutely exquisite new Russian Classic Series: six canonical texts in striking new covers. 
We are honoured that Waterstones is the only bookshop to stock the books before their general release in January. The creator of these stunning designs, Suzanne Dean, Creative Director at Vintage, has been kind enough to give us an exclusive peek into her creative process.

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Great book jacket design is often based on the unique harmony of design and illustration, a delicate balance that has the potential to make or break a title in a sometimes rich marketplace. Stormdancer creator Jay Kristoff’s epic new fantasy Nevernight provided HarperCollins designer Cherie Chapman with the opportunity to create one of the most striking covers we've seen this year and the chance to collaborate with master-illustrator Kerby Rosanes. Writing exclusively for Waterstones,  Cherie takes us from concept through to print.

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