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Waterstones CARD Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about setting up or using your Waterstones Card, you can find the answer(s) below.

If you can't find what you need below, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Signing up to the Waterstones Card online

How do I register for a Waterstones Card?

You can join the Waterstones Card scheme for free. To do so simply sign-up during the checkout process next time you place an order with us. Just shop as normal and we’ll prompt you to sign-up before you pay. You will of course receive points on your order.

You can also sign up at any of our shops across the UK and Europe.

When will I receive my Waterstones Card?

You will receive your Waterstones Card through the post within 28 days of signing up. If your address is outside of the UK you will not receive a physical card, instead you will be assigned with a Card number which you can use to earn points when you shop online.

What should I do if my Waterstones Card doesn't arrive within 28 days?

If you haven't received your Waterstones Card within 28 days, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Do I need to buy something before joining the Waterstones Card scheme?

No, the Waterstones Card scheme is free to everyone.


Lost, stolen and damaged Cards

I've lost my Card/my Card has been stolen/it's too damaged to use. What do I do?

You can visit any Waterstones store to get a replacement Card, or contact our Customer Support Team via email or telephone to get a new one. Please remember to confirm your postal address when emailing our Customer Support Team.
We will also transfer your points balance from your old Card to your new Card. To help us do so, please be ready to quote your 16-digit Card number.
If your Card is lost and you do not have a record of your Card number, you may be able to find it in a previous email we've sent you. It could also be printed on a receipt from a previous purchase you made when using your Card in our shops.
If you still cannot find your Card number, we may still be able to trace your account--to help us, please be ready to provide the email address or postcode you used when you originally signed up for your Waterstones Card (or the postcode/email address you last gave us if you updated your details since signing up).

Can I keep my points if I lose my Waterstones Card?

Yes, if we can find your existing account. For details, see the question above: 'I've lost my Card/my Card has been stolen/it's too damaged to use. What do I do?'


Using the Waterstones Card online

I have already got a Card. How do link it to my online account?

If you already have an account with Waterstones.com, simply sign in as usual.

From the 'My Account' menu, select ‘Waterstones Card’ and follow the instructions to link your Waterstones Card to your account.

If you don't yet have a Waterstones online account with us, you will need to set one up before linking your Card.

Can I use the points I have collected online in Waterstones shops? And vice-versa?

Yes. Points on your account can be earned or spent online or in your local Waterstones bookshop.

How do I use my points online?

As long as your Card is linked to your Waterstones.com account, you will automatically earn points on all qualifying items in your basket when you pay at the checkout.

The checkout will also give you the option to redeem points against the cost of your order--you can do so, and any remaining balance will be debited from your debit/credit card.

Can I start earning points immediately?

Yes. Your online account will automatically add any points you have earned for your order, even before your card is delivered to you.

Your points will be applied to your account within 72 hours of order despatch.

To earn points in your local Waterstones shop before you receive your plastic Card, simply bring a copy of your Card number in with you (along with proof of ID).

Booksellers will be able to add points when you make a purchase.

Can I start to spend points before I have my Card?

Yes, you can do that, too, on Waterstones.com, though to spend your points in one of our shops, you'll have to wait until your Waterstones Card is sent to you.

How do I check my Waterstones Card balance online?

There are two ways to view your Waterstones Card points balance:

  1. Log in and select ‘View my Account’, then ‘Waterstones Card’ from the left hand menu. Your balance will be listed here.
  2. During checkout, at the 'Payment Options' stage, select 'Pay with points' and your available balance will be displayed.

I live outside of the UK - can I register for a Waterstones Card?

Yes, you can, but please be aware that we will not send you a physical Card.

Instead, you will be assigned a card number which you can link to your online account, allowing you to earn and redeem points on all of your online purchases on Waterstones.com.


Using the Waterstones Card in our shops

Can I use my Waterstones Card in Waterstones shops as well as at Waterstones.com?

Yes. The Waterstones Card is accepted across all of our UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe shops.

How do I receive my Waterstones Card when I sign up in a shop?

To sign up in a shop, please ask a bookseller for a Waterstones Card application form.

Complete your details in the form and give it back to the bookseller. The application form includes your Card, so you can take your Card home with you straight away. You will be able to earn points immediately, but please allow 28 days for full Card activation to complete, by which time you will be able to redeem your points.

Please note: It's very important that you complete all of the mandatory fields requested by the application form, such as your email address and postcode, otherwise your card will not be properly registered and you won't be able to redeem your points.

How do I check my Waterstones Card balance in Waterstones shops?

Simply ask for your balance at the till point. When you purchase an item, your receipt will also show your current balance and how many points you have received in the transaction.

Can I earn points when I order a book from one of your branches?

Yes, when you pre-order a book for collection at a later date in any of our shops, you will earn your points when you come in to collect the order. This also applies when you use our Click & Collect service online.

If I forget to bring my Waterstones Card when I make a purchase in a Waterstones shop, can I claim the points at a later date?

Yes, you have 30 days to add the points to your account. There are three ways to have points added to your card:

  • Take your receipt and your Waterstones Card to a Waterstones bookshop.
  • Fill in our Customer Service Contact Form and don't forget to quote the number stated below the barcode at the foot of your receipt and include your 16-digit Waterstones Card number. Be sure to select these options in the form:
    • Type: Waterstones Loyalty
    • Issue: Loyalty Card
    • Sub Issue: Add points
  • Post your receipt(s) and Waterstones Card number to Waterstones Customer Support (address below). The team will apply the points once your receipt has been received. We cannot give points retrospectively without a proof of purchase, and you cannot earn points for purchases made in a Waterstones shop or online prior to your signing up for the Card.

Postal address for scanned receipts:

Waterstones Customer Support

203-206 Piccadilly,


General Card and points queries

How many points will I earn?

In our UK shops and on Waterstones.com you will earn 3 points for every £1 that you spend. Each point is worth 1p. In our Republic of Ireland and European shops you will earn two 2 points for every €1 (euro) that you spend. Each point is worth 1.5c.

If I use my points to buy books, when will they be removed from my Card balance?

Online, and in our shops, your points will be deducted from your balance as soon as you pay for your item(s).

How long will it take for the points I earn to show on my balance?

When shopping online, standard points are added within 72 hours of your order despatch (and once payment has gone through). In our shops, you will earn your standard points immediately.

Bonus or double points earned on offer titles will take up to a week to appear on your balance (both in our shops and online).

Are there any products that I can't earn points on?

Points will be awarded on, and can be redeemed against, all merchandise sold in participating Waterstones shops, or on Waterstones.com, with the exception of purchases from:

Points will also not be awarded on these products:

  • Gift vouchers
  • Electronic gift cards
  • Book tokens
  • Theatre tokens
  • Stamps
  • Waterstones concessions
  • Other products from time to time as notified

Can I exchange points for cash?

No, you can only use your points to save money on purchases at Waterstones.

Will I lose my points if I return the book?

Yes, if a book on which you earned points is returned, the points you earned for it will automatically be removed from your points balance.

Will my Card expire if I do not use it?

Yes, Waterstones Cards will expire (and all accrued points will be lost) if they are not used for three years.

However, we make it really easy for you to maintain an active Card, you don’t even need to spend any money, simply checking your Card balance online will ‘reset’ its active status for another three years.

To find out more about Card expiry and how to prevent your card from expiring, visit our Waterstones Card Expiry Frequently Asked Questions.

I live abroad but would like to sign up--can I?

Of course! We will treat you as an online-only customer, though, and not send you a physical Card. However, you can still take advantage of all the benefits of membership.

Can anyone else use my Waterstones Card?

No, Waterstones Cards can only be used on one account.

I am purchasing items for a business (school, college, business, etc.), can I register for a Card and earn points on these orders?

Sorry, the Waterstones Card is only for consumer use--the Card cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business entity.

We do, however, offer discounts for businesses and schools, details of which are available at www.waterstonesvouchers.com.

What are the terms and conditions of The Waterstones Card Scheme?

You can read the full terms and conditions on our Waterstones Card Scheme terms and conditions page.

Can I use The Waterstones Card and the Waterstones Stamp and Save Card together?

Yes. You can earn points with your Waterstones Card and at the same time earn stamps for every £10 you spend in our high street bookshops (subject to terms and conditions). You can find more details of the Waterstones Stamp Card at waterstones.com/stampcard.


Your details and preferences

How safe are my details?

We will not share your details with any third parties without your permission.

We'll ask you for some further information in the email we send you confirming you've signed up, so that we can provide you with better offers. For some competitions you will also be asked if you would like to opt in to receive messages from the prize provider. For more information, view our privacy policy.

I'm already a registered Cardholder but I don't receive emails updating me on my Card balance and Cardholder exclusive offers - how can I make sure I get these?

If you're already a Cardholder but do not receive our emails, simply provide us with your details here.

Otherwise, you can contact our Customer Support Team. Make sure you have your Card number on-hand when you contact us.

How do I unsubscribe from Waterstones emails, but remain a Cardholder?

You can unsubscribe from Waterstones emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the emails we have sent you, or by contacting the Waterstones Card Helpline, via email or telephone.

How do I close my account?

If you wish to stop being a Waterstones Cardholder, you will need to contact contact our Customer Support Team.