Women & Power: A Manifesto (Paperback)
  • Women & Power: A Manifesto (Paperback)

Women & Power: A Manifesto (Paperback)

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Paperback 144 Pages / Published: 01/11/2018
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Britain's best-known classicist Mary Beard, is also a committed and vocal feminist. With wry wit, she revisits the gender agenda and shows how history has treated powerful women. Her examples range from the classical world to the modern day, from Medusa and Athena to Theresa May and Hillary Clinton. Beard explores the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, considering the public voice of women, our cultural assumptions about women's relationship with power, and how powerful women resist being packaged into a male template. A year on since the advent of #metoo, Beard looks at how the discussions have moved on during this time, and how that intersects with issues of rape and consent, and the stories men tell themselves to support their actions. In trademark Beardian style, using examples ancient and modern, Beard argues, 'it's time for change - and now!' From the author of international bestseller SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome.

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781788160612
Number of pages: 144
Dimensions: 178 x 111 mm
Edition: Main

A modern feminist classic -- Rachel Cooke * Observer *
With clearsightedness and wry humour, this self-described 'gobby woman' proves public speech is no longer the preserve of maleness. More power to her. -- Laura Garmeson * FT *
... exposes the roots of today's expectations of how a woman should behave ... time for a change, she argues - and now! -- Jenni Murray * Guardian *
This book is a treasure, both as a fascinating read in itself and as a fine work of reference to correct our lazy misconceptions about an ancient world that still has much to instruct us today * Herald *
An urgent feminist cri de coeur, spot-on in its utterly reasonable plea that a woman 'who dares to open her mouth in public' actually be given a hearing. * Kirkus Reviews *
Brilliant -- Jacqueline Rose * Guardian *
Enlightening ... explains how misogyny works and why it is so resilient -- Elif Shafak * Guardian *
A sparkling and forceful manifesto * New York Times *
Clear, rich, subversive and witty * San Francisco Chronicle *
An irresistible call for women to speak up, act and redefine their power * People Magazine *
Praise for Mary Beard: 'She's pulled off that rare trick of becoming a don with a high media profile who hasn't sold out, who is absolutely respected by the academy for her scholarship ... what she says is always powerful and interesting * Guardian *
An irrepressible enthusiast with a refreshing disregard for convention * FT *
With such a champion as Beard to debunk and popularise, the future of the study of classics is assured * Daily Telegraph *
Dynamically, wittily and authoritatively brings the ancient world to life -- Simon Sebag Montefiore
Praise for SPQR: Fast-moving, exciting, psychologically acute, warmly sceptical - Bryan Appleyard -- Bryan Appleyard * Sunday Times *
Vastly engaging ... a tremendously enjoyable and scholarly read -- Natalie Haynes * Observer *
Sustaining the energy that such a topic demands for more than 600 pages, while providing a coherent answer to the question of why Rome expanded so spectacularly, is hugely ambitious. Beard succeeds triumphantly ... full of insights and delights ... SPQR is consistently enlivened by Beard's eye for detail and her excellent sense of humour. * Sunday Times *
Masterful ... This is exemplary popular history, engaging but never dumbed down, providing both the grand sweep and the intimate details that bring the distant past vividly to life * Economist *
Ground-breaking ... invigorating ... revolutionary ... a whole new approach to ancient history -- Thomas Hodgkinson * Spectator *

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“Powerful and thought provoking ”

A short book, a powerful book and a well written book. This is, as it says, on the cover, a manifesto, a cry for women to have a voice and crucially to be heard, and for women to have the right not to be demonised. In... More

Hardback edition
3rd November 2017
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Angie Groves at Blackpool

“Concise and important.”

A concise, informative little book on the theme of women's power and our lack of it. Using well thought out examples from Ancient Greece and Rome, Mary Beard ponders how women have been silenced, mocked and had... More

Hardback edition
6th December 2017
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“Short & Brilliant”

A short and brilliant set of 2 essays from Mary Beard using Greco-Roman tales to illustrate the origins of our cultural norms regarding women. It's written perfectly: intelligent and conversational, allowing for... More

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