The Radleys (Paperback)
  • The Radleys (Paperback)

The Radleys (Paperback)

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Paperback 352 Pages / Published: 05/07/2010
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A sharp-toothed page-turner for all fans of urban gothic and vampire-lit. Meet the Radleys: Peter, Helen and their teenage kids Clara and Rowan. An everyday family who live in a pretty English village and juggle dysfunctional lives. So far, so normal. Except, as Peter and Helen know (but the kids have yet to find out), the Radleys happen to be a family of abstaining vampires. When one night Clara finds herself driven to commit a bloodthirsty act of violence, her parents need to explain a few things: why is their skin is so sensitive to light, why do they all find garlic so repulsive, and why has Clara's recent decision to go vegan had quite such an effect on her behaviour...? But when mysterious Uncle Will swoops into the village, he unleashes a host of shadowy truths and dark secrets that threaten to destroy the Radleys and the world around them.

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406330281
Number of pages: 352
Weight: 425 g
Dimensions: 215 x 153 x 26 mm

A refreshing alternative to much of the paranormal fodder out there. * The Bookseller *
From one of Britain's finest young novelists comes a razor-sharp unpicking of adulthood and family life. In this moving, thrilling and extraordinary portrait of one unusual family, The Radleys asks what we grow into when we grow up, and explores what we gain - and lose - when we deny our appetites. * *
The Radleys is a wonderfully written book. It's a fun, original concept I haven't seen anywhere else. The ending wraps things up nicely, but for me I would love a sequel - now the secret is out and all the family is "in-the-know", I can just see the Radleys getting into all sorts of trouble! I really enjoyed this book and I loved the authors writing style, I will definitely be checking out Haig's backlist. * Book Chick City *
Deliciously dark, horribly humorous and an interesting addition to the vampire canon, The Radleys is definitely worth a look (to be honest, any book that has a chapter heading of CSI:Transylvania was always going feature on my hit list). It's not what you might expect, in fact it is downright strange in places but as a fable on the trials of growing up and the dangers of forgetting said trials, it is an absolute winner so add it to your wish list and prepare to be blooded... -- Sya * The Mountains of Instead *
The Radleys is a refreshing and original take on a vampire genre that has arguably become rather overworked of late, and the book's main theme of abstinence is perfect for these debt-ridden times. Using short, sharp paragraphs and sprinkled with delightful asides from the fictional Abstainer's Handbook, The Radleys is a coming of age story that will appeal to adults, both young and old...One of Matt Haig's strengths has always been characterization and his work always shows a sharp observational eye...The Radleys is a highly recommended book for adults of ages, though possibly not one for the Puritans out there. * Fantasy Book Review *
Matt Haig's brilliantly British vampire novel The Radleys has restored my faith in the genre, hurrah!...there's really not much to dislike about this book. It's got everything really. Love, laughter, tears, lots of blood and a quick rundown of which celebrities are actually vampires (note: Jimi Hendrix is one). Great stuff. * Writing from the Tub *
Matt Haig takes an original and witty approach to the supernatural genre in this quirky young adult novel...Cleverly balancing light and dark notes, this coming-of -age story with a difference is a refreshing alternative to the vampire theme. * Booktrust *
Move over, Cullens! The Radleys are an average family living in the suburbs - they just happen to be vampires. As funny as it is scary! * Bliss *
This family sucked me in and got a hold on me that didn't give. This vampire story will be unlike anything you have read before and one that you should give a chance, even if you aren't into vampires. Forget Forks. Bishopthorpe is the new town for vegetarians! * Heaven, Hell and Purgatory *
Reality bites in a funny family affair...pointed, clever and witty. -- Kim Newman * The Independent *
We should expect something different from the far provided by Stephanie Meyer and her numerous imitators. And we will not be disappointed. * The Irish Times *
It's satirical yet subtle, and I appreciated Haig's obvious love of the genre he's writing in...If you're looking for a vampire that isn't of the sparkly fall-in-love-with-me-now variety, I think this one's right up your street. * Wondrous Reads *
a witty introduction to present-day vampire lore...Highly recommended. * The Observer *
Bloody good fun * SFX Magazine *
If you're looking for a vampire that isn't of the sparkly fall-in-love-with-me-now variety, I think this one's right up your street. * *
What are you currently reading? 'The Radleys' by Matt Haig. I like his work: there's something that cheers you up about it. -- Val McDermid * The Independent *
It has quick, short and snappy chapters with little snip its form the abstainer's handbook. I really enjoyed this book which will appeal to all readers. * *
Haig pays just about enough respect to the conventions of the genre that the average vampire fan should find lots to enjoy, but it's the blackly comic dissection of the family that makes this book stand out. * The Guardian *
Compelling * Newark Advertiser *
Witty as well as deep. * Books For Keeps *
The novel builds from quiet repression to all-out gory denouement, with humour and satire along the way. * The Scotsman *
Red-blooded fiction at it's most seductive; it's way to slick and funny for Twilight fans. -- Dinah Hall * The Sunday Telegraph *

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“a different read”

i did not read the back of this book propley to give me an idea of what the radleys was all about. however i asked for this book for christmas and i have only just read it . As i was reading the radleys and once i... More

Paperback edition
22nd February 2012
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“The Radleys”

Now rumour had it that this was not your typical vampire book, however, I saw many similar elements from this fiction novel with others, such as the True Blood and Twilight series, and that is why I did not give it... More

Paperback edition
11th July 2012
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I will confess now that I will read anything with a vampire, I love them! This book was great - not just because of the vampire family but because it made me laugh out loud and had me sucked in (bad joke) from the... More

Paperback edition
9th March 2012
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