The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos (Hardback)
  • The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos (Hardback)

The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos (Hardback)

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Hardback 304 Pages
Published: 20/04/2023
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One of the most potent questions we ask about the cosmos is: are we alone?

From astrobiology to exoplanets in the 'Goldilocks Zone', Jaime Green traces our understanding of what and where life in the universe could be, drawing on the long tradition of scientists, writers and artists who have stimulated research by extrapolating worlds.

Bringing together expert interviews, cutting-edge astronomy, philosophical inquiry and pop culture touchstones ranging from A Wrinkle in Time to Star Trek, The Possibility of Life delves into our evolving conception of the cosmos to wonder what we might find... out there.

Publisher: Duckworth Books
ISBN: 9780715654811
Number of pages: 304
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm


'An entertaining and instructive rumination on both earthbound existence and the prospect of extraterrestrial encounter'

* TLS *

'Ostensibly a book about aliens, The Possibility of Life is really a treatise about how we think about the world-and the ways in which our discoveries fuel our imaginations, and vice versa... It had me hooked from the first page'

* Ed Yong, bestselling author of An Immense World *

'A fascinating and thoughtful reminder of the fact that we may not be alone. Highly recommended'

* Jeff VanderMeer, New York Times-bestselling author of 'Annihilation' *

'Jaime Green's The Possibility of Life takes the reader on an utterly gripping, endlessly surprising voyage from the "hopeful monsters" of early multicellular organisms to the records of human existence hurtling beyond the edge of our solar system. Green's voice is rigorous, curious, tender, and often rightfully bemused. She is the best company I could imagine for this journey to the limits of what we can imagine, and a thrilling ruminator on what these acts of imagination might teach us about ourselves'

* Leslie Jamison, New York Times-bestselling author of 'The Empathy Exams' *

'Jaime Green casts her gaze deep into the universe for the possibilities of extraterrestrial life but, at the same time, looks deep into us, too, into our humanity and our history and into why we even want to look for that life in the first place. What results is an accessible, weird, funny and ultimately illuminating look into the search for life beyond our world'

* Chuck Wendig, bestselling author of 'Star Wars: Aftermath' *

'A rivetingly good read... Even the most basic questions about extraterrestrial life have no meaningful consensus at all. With such a lack of consensus, the field is wide open for "what if"-type speculation - and that's what this book is all about. Fascinating and enjoyable, intelligent and well-informed'

* Andrew May, author of 'Astrobiology: The Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe' *

'The Possibility of Life left me dizzy with awe and brimming with hope. Jaime Green elegantly uncorks our tiny patch of the universe and takes us on a tour of our best and worst approximations of aliens-unearthly heptapods, a manipulative ocean, and blue humanoids-and explains why the most likely aliens may be more like a platypus than a Klingon. Although The Possibility of Life asks us to fathom the unfathomable, Green is a steadfast, witty, and charming guide through this cosmic murk. I found myself yearning for a signal in the cosmos and this book acutely reminded me of how all life on Earth is already more than enough'

* Sabrina Imbler, author of 'My Life in Sea Creatures' *

'The Possibility of Life is both a delight and a marvel, widening the imagined potential of life on Earth, in the cosmos, and in our art and stories. Every page of this book makes our shared universe feel larger and more interesting than ever before, a true gift of fascinating science and engrossing storytelling'

* Matt Bell, author of 'Appleseed' *

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“Highly recommended”

This is one of those books that talks about life in the Universe, science and you read them like a novel.
Informative, well researched, easy to follow and gripping.
An excellent non fiction book.
Highly recommended.... More

Hardback edition
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