Stataquest Single W/MAC Dk
  • Stataquest Single W/MAC Dk

Stataquest Single W/MAC Dk

Mixed media product Published: 15/02/1994
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A perfect complement to any first or second course in statistics, this professionally developed software is a powerful yet inexpensive means for helping students analyze statistical problems easily. StataQuest offers high-resolution graphics, a custom-designed menu, and a spreadsheet-like data entry system. In addition to the software and more than 60 data files, the StataQuest 4 package also contains an easy-to-understand documentation guide.
-- Means and Standard Deviations
-- Means and Standard Deviations by Group: one-way of means, two-way of means
-- Median/Percentiles
-- Confidence Intervals
-- Tables: one-way {frequency}, two-way {cross-tabulation}, three-way {by group}
-- Dataset Information
-- Describe Variables
-- List Data
-- Parametric Tests: 1-sample t test, 2-sample t-test, paired t test, 1-sample test of variance, 2-sample test of variance, normality test, 1-sample test of proportion, 2-sample test of proportion
-- Nonparametric Tests: sign test, Wilcoxon signed-ranks, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov
-- Correlation: Pearson {regular}, Spearman {rank}
-- Simple Regression
-- Multiple Regression
-- Robust Regression
-- Logistic Regression
-- Anova: one-way nonparametric, one-way, repeated measures, two-way
-- N-factor Anova & Anocova
-- One Variable: histogram, box plot, box plot & one way, stem-and-leaf, dotplot, normal quantile plot
-- One Variable by Group: histogram by group, box plots by group, bar charts by group, dotpots by group
-- Comparison of Variables: box plot comparison, box plot & one-way comparison, bar chart comparison, bar chart comparison by group
-- Scatterplots: plot Y vs.X; plot Y vs. X, naming points; plot Y vs. X, with regression line; plot Y vs. scaling symbols to Z; plot Y vs. X, by group; scatterplot matrix
-- Time Series: Plot Y vs. X; plot Y vs. obs. no.; plot more than one Y vs. X; plot more than one Y vs. obs. no.
-- Quality Control: control © chart for defects, fraction defective (P) chart, range ® chart, X-bar chart, X-bar & R chart

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc
ISBN: 9780534236793

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