STAGS - STAGS (Paperback)
  • STAGS - STAGS (Paperback)

STAGS - STAGS (Paperback)

Paperback 320 Pages
Published: 10/08/2017
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Shortisted for the YA Book Prize 2018

Nine students. Three bloodsports. One deadly weekend.

It is the autumn term and Greer MacDonald is struggling to settle into the sixth form at the exclusive St. Aidan the Great boarding school, known to its privileged pupils as S.T.A.G.S.

Just when she despairs of making friends Greer receives a mysterious invitation with three words embossed upon on it: huntin' shootin' fishin'. When Greer learns that the invitation is to spend the half term weekend at the country manor of Henry de Warlencourt, the most popular and wealthy boy at S.T.A.G.S., she is as surprised as she is flattered.

But when Greer joins the other chosen few at the ancient and sprawling Longcross Hall, she realises that Henry's parents are not at home; the only adults present are a cohort of eerily compliant servants.

The students are at the mercy of their capricious host, and, over the next three days, as the three bloodsports - hunting, shooting and fishing - become increasingly dark and twisted, Greer comes to the horrifying realisation that those being hunted are not wild game, but the very misfits Henry has brought with him from school...

Publisher: Hot Key Books
ISBN: 9781471406768
Number of pages: 320
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 197 x 130 x 19 mm


MA Bennett reinvigorates the boarding-school thriller... This is a darkly compelling examination of the allure of privilege, and the unscrupulous means by which it preserves itself. - The Guardian

A cracking debut psychological thriller set in an elite boarding school ruled by a set of six pupils known as the Medievals. Think Enid Blyton meets The Hunger Games! - Irish Sunday Independent

Gossip Girl meets The Hunger Games - Bustle

Bennett creates a chilling atmosphere on every page. She describes the gorgeous grounds of Longcross, the de Warlencourt home, in rich detail, but never allows readers to relax for long. A threatening servant or an explosion of gunfire always lurks around the corner. The book reads like a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or an Agatha Christie mystery for modern teens. - School Library Journal

MA Bennett is brilliant at keeping the reader in suspense. - Book Murmuration

So good that I had to keep reminding myself this was fiction written for teenagers and not for adults. - School Librarian Magazine

The pacing and plot development is brilliantly executed and will have you on the edge of your seat, desperate to find out what happens next until the very last page, I couldn't put it down once I'd started. There's a brilliant twist at the end, I won't spoil it but trust me, It's a good one! I can't recommend this book enough, it's definitely in my top ten 2017 reads and I'll definitely be buying a finished copy when it's out. - Fantastic Book Dragon

A very readable story in the hands of an experienced writer. Recommended - Thornton Rigg

Part traditional, part modern, thriller and boarding school drama, with echoes of everything from Agatha Christie to The Hunger Games, this really is a wonderful mosaic of a novel. - Nudge-Book

The book delivered much more than I even anticipated - Book Mad Blog

STAGS is a pacey and well-plotted young adult story that champions outsiders and questions out-dated viewpoints in a constantly evolving world. It makes for an entertaining standalone novel but a sequel wouldn't be unwelcome. - Culture Fly

Students will love this as it also has a hint of romance without being intrusive for boy readers. Hailed as the new Hunger Games, it reminded me more of The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. A good read. - Reading Zone

I read and finished this book in just a day only putting it down for food. It was absolutely gripping and interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I didn't want to put it down whatsoever and I wasn't let down by my anticipation for it which was good! - Niffler Reads

S.T.A.G.S is a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable YA novel with dark undertones. A fun mystery thriller that sheds light on issues surrounding class and society. Highly recommend. - The Book Bag

A gorgeous and compelling romp. - Irish Times

Good and twisty and definitely unique... if you're looking for something creepy and autumnal to read, I'd recommend S.T.A.G.S. - The Cosy Reader

This book is most definitely a thriller and the ending of this book was a real "holy crap!" moment. It was full of good description, was extremely fast-paced and definitely knew how to draw you in. I absolutely adored it. - No Safer Place

I just adored this book. It was just so gripping and I wanted to know what was happening and why it was happening! - The Reader's Corner

This is one of those books that took me by surprise and had me re-reading the last chapter over and over to make sure I wasn't mistaken. If you haven't read this yet I don't know what you are waiting for! It is everything you could want from a YA and it will leave you gagging for more - The YA Nightstand

The whole story had a dark humorous tone that really gave this book a unique touch. Geer turned out to be an excellent narrator and I found her insights and ironic comments very clever. The story also made you think about society nowadays, and the obsession we have now with being "connected" to the world, especially teenagers who see the world through their phone screens. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it's clever, fast-paced and dark, everything I love in a thriller. It also had a few surprises in store for us, which made me wonder, more than once, how this story was going to end. - Alba in Bookland

Highly recommend this book, not only for the storyline but for the characters and the twists that I didn't see coming at all. I promise you that the last forty or so pages are phenomenal, even if the rest of the book isn't for you -that ending will be. - This Booky Place

Bennett's debut is the type of book you cannot put down. I read it it in just one sitting as the slowly creeping sensation of doom came out and I wanted to know just what had Greer done and just how it had unfolded. It's compulsive and compelling and as it progresses, more and more tense and you read the book wishing you could stop some characters. - Choose YA

I really enjoyed this book. The plot is consistently intriguing and makes you want to read on. The characters are convincing and not too over the top. The book almost make you believe that you are there. I would recommend this book, especially to those who loved The Hunger Games. - Teen Titles

Like Mean Girls, but British and deadly . . . This book is great, from start to finish. - Hypable

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“Very Intriguing! ”

I really liked the book, however, I was far more interested by all of the details and the mystery bits than the action packed thriller I was expecting. I fell in love with some of the characters, hated others and saw... More

Paperback edition
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Diana O. at Aylesbury


I was itching to read this book after I read the synopsis, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Fast-paced and addictive, with an amazing premise that's perfect for fans of dystopian novels. It is very... More

Paperback edition
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“Messed Up Morals”

I finished reading this book a few days ago, and I’M STILL UNSURE ABOUT WHETHER I EVEN LIKED IT OR NOT. It started off fairly slowly, and the got better and then this one particular aspect about the ending just isn’t... More

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