New Power: Why outsiders are winning, institutions are failing, and how the rest of us can keep up in the age of mass participation (Paperback)
  • New Power: Why outsiders are winning, institutions are failing, and how the rest of us can keep up in the age of mass participation (Paperback)

New Power: Why outsiders are winning, institutions are failing, and how the rest of us can keep up in the age of mass participation (Paperback)

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Paperback 320 Pages
Published: 21/02/2019
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For most of human history the rules of power were clear: power was something to be seized, and then jealously guarded. Under this 'Old Power' we lived in a world of rulers and subjects.

Now, we all sense that something has changed. From #MeToo to Harvey Weinstein; Corbyn to Trump; from YouTube sensations to darker phenomena such as the emergence of ISIS – in our new hyper-connected world, ideas and movements can spread and flourish with astonishing force and speed.

In New Power, Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms confront the biggest story of our age and trace how New Power is the key to understanding where we are and will prosper in the 21st Century.

Drawing on examples from business, politics, popular culture and social justice, as well as case studies of organisations like LEGO and TED, they explain the forces that are changing the course of our age.

In a world increasingly shaped by New Power, this book will show you how to shape your future.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781509814206
Number of pages: 320
Weight: 240 g
Dimensions: 196 x 130 x 26 mm


Clever, witty and creative, Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans are baby-faced wunderkinds of digital activism. - Decca Aitkenhead, The Guardian

A vital book. New Power can light a flame bright enough to outshine the glinting fangs and tiki torches' - Russell Brand

An essential lens to use when thinking about how the world has changed, how to spread ideas or start a movement, or create change - Richard Branson

The Networked Age has revolutionized the way the public engages with institutions and organizations. New Power is an essential and extremely insightful guide for anyone who wants to maximize the opportunities for progress and impact in today's new tightly connected world. - Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and co-author of the #1 NYT bestsellers The Alliance and The Startup of You.

Jeremy Heimans has been working to change the world from a very young age, and with remarkable impact. Here with his co-author Henry Timms he distils a lifetime of experience into a fantastic primer on how the rules of the game have changed. It’s packed with vivid examples that show how organisations as diverse the Pentagon, Uber, Kickstarters and Black Lives Matter are trying to shape our world, and gives vital insights into who will succeed. - Geoff Mulgan

Power is shifting as never before, so New Power is addressing a vital issue for our times: how to make the voices and choices of all, not just a few, count for something. Plaudits to the authors for their determination to help shape the future. - David Milliband

Understanding the concept of 'new power' and how that differs to 'old power' is essential for any leader in politics, business or nonprofits. This book will inform and inspire all those wanting to make change in the world today. It will help citizens to understand the power we have as individuals to influence others, and the collective power of many to achieve a goal against all odds. - Jane Goodall PhD, DBE, Founder - the Jane Goodall institute & UN Messenger of Peace

A wonderfully incisive contribution that not only explains how the dynamics of power are changing, but also provides the tools - and, importantly, the confidence - to harness those changes to spread our ideas and make a better world. - Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

If you do not understand new power, you will not fare well in the new networked world of the 21st Century. It's that simple. - Annie-Marie Slaughter, President & CEO, New America

New Power masterfully draws out the big battle of our times - whether all this new power will end up being used for good or bad. - Craig Newmark, founder of Craiglist

A must-read, New Power is a gift to our movements. It's not just about going viral - it's about connecting millions of people - Alicia Garza, co-founder, Black Lives Matter

We all feel like life is spinning out of control, in our lives and in our politics - and it’s hard to to know where our power has gone, or how to get it back. This brilliant book is where the answer begins. - Johann Hari

A thought-provoking and eye-opening book. - Booklist

Heimans and Timms provide fascinating examples of new power at work: how NASA enlisted the crowd (nonexperts) to foster open innovation; the heightened participatory experience of worship at Denver's House of All Sinners and Saints, where whoever shows up is in charge; and how crowdsourcing of ideas rejuvenated the Lego brand. The authors also offer a cogent analysis of the contrasting campaigning styles of Barack Obama (participatory) and Donald Trump ("leader of a vast, decentralized social media army" via Twitter). Their accounts of how diverse groups like the National Rifle Association and TED use both old and new power approaches with great success may well inspire many. These ideas—first introduced in the Harvard Business Review­­—will intrigue anyone who wants to channel the new power of the crowd. - Kirkus Review

A good place to start understanding a world in which you have to 'occupy yourself' before the hashtags start coming for you. - Miranda Green, Financial Times

A window to a whole new world. - David Brooks, New York Times

There is a potent new force to be reckoned with, it is called New Power and it is causing a seismic wave in politics and workplaces. - Katie Strict, Evening Standard

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