Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (Paperback)
  • Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (Paperback)

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (Paperback)

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Paperback 320 Pages / Published: 02/02/2012
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Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein is an astonishing journey through the mind, and secrets of how our memory really works. Can anyone get a perfect memory?

Joshua Foer used to be like most of us, forgetting phone numbers and mislaying keys. Then he learnt the art of memory training, discovering the mnemonic ancient 'memory palace' technique first practiced by Simonides of Ceos over 2,500 years ago. And only year later, Foer found himself in the finals of the US Memory Championships, alongside 'mental athletes' who could memorise the precise order of ten shuffled decks of cards in under an hour.

From the man who can recall nine thousand books to another who constantly forgets who he is, from the ancient world to the cutting edge of neuroscience, Joshua Foer discovers a truth we often forget: that memory is the key to everything we are. 

Joshua Foer studied evolutionary biology at Yale University and is now a freelance science journalist, writing for National Geographic and The New York Times among others. Researching an article on the US Memory Championships, Foer became intrigued by the potential of his own memory. After just one year of training, he won the following year's Championship.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780141032139
Number of pages: 320
Weight: 236 g
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 18 mm


'I'd never thought much about whether I could improve my memory, but I now think I could after reading Joshua Foer's book... It's absolutely phenomenal, one of the most interesting books I've read this summer.' - Bill Gates

'A marvelous overview of one of the most essential aspects of what makes us human - our memory ... Witty and engaging.' - Dan Ariely

'Memory... makes us who we are... passionate and deeply engrossing...The more we challenge ourselves, the greater our capacity. It's a fact that every teacher, parent and student would do well to learn. The lesson is unforgettable.' - Washington Post

'Captivating... Engaging... Mr. Foer writes in these pages with fresh enthusiasm. His narrative is smart and funny.' - Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times 

'Delightful...empathetic, thought-provoking and...memorable.' - Elizabeth Pisani, Prospect 

'Riotous.' - Alexandra Horowitz, The New York Times

'An endearingly geeky world...witty and revelatory...[The] journey certainly demonstrates how much memory matters...Apart from anything else, filling up our mental storehouses in the right way can make life feel longer.' - Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian

'In this marvelous book, Joshua Foer invents a new genre of non-fiction. This is a work of science journalism wrapped around an adventure story, a bildungsroman fused to a vivid investigation of human memory. If you want to understand how we remember, and how we can all learn to remember better, then read this book.' - Jonah Lehrer

'One year, Joshua Foer is covering the US Memory Championships as a freelance journalist, the next he returns as a competitor - and wins it...How he pulled off this extraordinary feat forms the spine of this crisply entertaining book.' - Matt Rudd, The Sunday Times

'Combines erudite analysis, historical context, a mind-bending adventure and extremely suggestive sex - some of it involving Foer's grandmother.' - Tony Allen-Mills, The Sunday Times

'A labyrinthine personal journey that explains how our author ended up in the finals of the US Memory Championship - a compelling story arc from sceptical journalist to dedicated participant. I can't remember when I last found a science book so intriguing.' - David Profumo, Literary Review

'[A] charming book...interwoven with informed exposition about the psychological science of memory.' - Professor Larry R Squire, Nature

'A fascinating, engaging and very well-written book.' - Dallas Campbell, Science Focus

'Addictive and fascinating...extraordinary. [Foer] attended the US Memory Championship as a journalist and returned the next year as a competitor and won...It is Foer's gifts as a teacher and a storyteller that make this book essential reading.' - Leo Robson, Scottish Sunday Express

'Take, for example, the emergence of Downing Street as a salon for intellectuals from around the world, and not only economists and political scientists. Under David Cameron-or, more accurately, Steve Hilton, the prime minister's most influential adviser-the thinkers invited to hold court there often have little to say about policy per se. Joshua Foer, a young American who has written an acclaimed book about how memory works, was a recent guest. Mr Hilton's rationale is that governments have more to learn from fields of research that investigate how humans behave, such as neuroscience and social psychology, than from conventional technocrats. There is now a policy team devoted to "behaviourial insight" in the Cabinet Office.' - Bagehot, The Economist 

'Foer's book is great fun and hugely readable, not least because the author is a likeable sort of Everyman-science nerd whom we want to become a memory champion. Always fascinating and frequently mind-boggling, Moonwalking with Einstein is a book worth remembering.' - Mark Turner, The Independent

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“Pickled garlic, cottage cheese, peat smoked salmon”


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