Men Who Hate Women: From incels to pickup artists, the truth about extreme misogyny and how it affects us all (Hardback)
  • Men Who Hate Women: From incels to pickup artists, the truth about extreme misogyny and how it affects us all (Hardback)

Men Who Hate Women: From incels to pickup artists, the truth about extreme misogyny and how it affects us all (Hardback)

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Hardback 368 Pages
Published: 03/09/2020

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An unnerving exposé of the dark fraternities of extreme misogyny, Men Who Hate Women is a timely volume from the author of Everyday Sexism and Girl Up.

Imagine a world in which a vast network of misogynists is able to operate, virtually undetected.

Imagine a world in which these extremists commit terrorist acts, united by their deep hatred of women.

Imagine a world in which they groom and radicalise vulnerable teenage boys, shielded by veils of irony and 'banter'.

Imagine a world in which their community swells to become an international movement, tens of thousands strong.

You don't have to imagine that world ... you already live in it.

In her explosive new book, acclaimed feminist writer Laura Bates lifts the lid on the communities of men who hate women, going undercover, both on- and offline, to explore the ideology and impact they have worldwide.

Starting in the murkiest depths of the internet, Laura observes these groups in action, from incels and pickup artists to Men's Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way, tracing how effectively their ideas have been smuggled into our collective consciousness - via trolls, the media, celebrities and politicians - to emerge unchecked in our schools, workplaces and corridors of power, posing deadly harm to men and women alike.

Including exclusive interviews with former members of these groups, as well as with the men fighting against them, Laura seeks to understand what attracts people to this movement, how it operates - and, above all, what must be done to stop it.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
ISBN: 9781471194337
Number of pages: 368
Dimensions: 234 x 153 x 27 mm


'Laura Bates has done it again. From bantz to outright brutality, she exposes the landscape of misogyny. Passionate and forensic, Bates produces a powerful feminist clarion call. The world needs to take notice. Things must change.' - Anita Anand

'A book that is a challenging and sobering read but also brave, meticulously researched - and vital to anyone serious about tackling misogyny.' - Anna James

'A book of courage and tenacity. Laura's humanity shines through. She is always a voice worth paying attention to. She continues to fight a battle that should have ended long ago and she reminds us that we must be part of it.' - Robin Ince

'Laura Bates continues to be one of the most powerful, vulnerable and incredible feminist voices of our time. She is unafraid of tackling the most complex, dark and nuanced aspects of the patriarchy and shining a light on them in order to change the world. Men Who Hate Women is a fascinating, mind-blowing and deeply intelligent book that should be recommend reading for every person on our planet. Laura Bates is my HERO and two chapters into this book, she will be yours too.' - Scarlett Curtis

'Be prepared. This book is shocking. Just as we thought we knew all we needed to know about misogyny, here comes the bad news. Dark and menacing, this investigation of toxic masculinity is a wake-up call to men and women who want a better world.' - Helena Kennedy, QC

'In Men Who Hate Women, Laura Bates offers the alternative red pill to those who favour love, logic and humanity over debilitating hate. Bates' exploration of the manosphere - from the monetised toxicity of social and mainstream media - to Number Ten, the Whitehouse and complacent law enforcers, should wake up and shame all of the above. If its brutally forensic honesty is sometimes painful to read, imagine what it was to live, investigate and write. When once more, we award medals to our bravest feminist heroes, Laura Bates gets the Purple Heart. Young people, parents, teachers, journalists and legislators should read this important book. All those keyboard warriors pounding away in the dark, should dare to read it. The only thing to fear is fear itself.' - Shami Chakrabarti

'Laura Bates is a total powerhouse. This book is hard to read; triggering, unfiltered, shocking and urgent. Laura has done again what she does best: gone there, all the way, to the darkest corners and brought all the research, anecdotes and interviews to the surface for us all to see. This is how change is made: by looking at uncomfortable things directly in the eye and not turning away. This book is a rallying cry to end suffering, for both women AND men.' - Emma Gannon

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“A Terrifying but Necessary Read”

I have honestly never been more scared whilst reading than I was when reading this book so I cannot even imagine what the author went through when researching it (after putting it down I did begin a frantic search for... More

Hardback edition
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“A difficult but essential read”

Once again, Laura Bates sheds light on the unseemly world of sexism. Here, she has used her experience of challenging sexism in talks to schools to inform her decision to go 'under cover' into the murky... More

Hardback edition
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“Men who hate women”

Well this book really opened my eyes to how organised misogynistic groups are and how easily accessed by men and boys who have issues with even viewing women as human beings let alone having relationships. I have to... More

Paperback edition
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