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Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Paperback)
  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Paperback)

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Paperback)

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Paperback 384 Pages / Published: 05/07/2018
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We stand at the beginning of a new era. What was once science fiction is fast becoming reality, as AI transforms war, crime, justice, jobs and society-and, even, our very sense of what it means to be human.

More than any other technology, AI has the potential to revolutionize our collective future - and there's nobody better situated to explore that future than Max Tegmark, an MIT professor and co-founder of the Future of Life Institute, whose work has helped mainstream research on how to keep AI beneficial.

In this deeply researched and vitally important new book, Tegmark takes us to the heart of thinking about AI and the human condition, bringing us face to face with the essential questions of our time.

How can we grow our prosperity through automation, without leaving people lacking income or purpose? How can we ensure that future AI systems do what we want without crashing, malfunctioning or getting hacked? Should we fear an arms race in lethal autonomous weapons? Will AI help life flourish as never before, or will machines eventually outsmart us at all tasks, and even, perhaps, replace us altogether?

Life 3.0 gives us the tools to join what may be the most important conversation of our time, guiding us through the most controversial issues around AI today -- from superintelligence to meaning, consciousness and the ultimate physical limits on life in the cosmos.What sort of future do you want?

'All of us - not only scientists, industrialists and generals-should ask ourselves what can we do now to improve the chances of reaping the benefits of future AI and avoiding the risks. This is the most important conversation of our time, and Tegmark's thought-provoking book will help you join it' - Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780141981802
Number of pages: 384
Weight: 281 g
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 22 mm

Waterstones Says
Already on the bookshelves of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, Life 3.0 is a timely and accessible interrogation of the technology that seems poised to either elevate or destroy us.


'This is a rich and visionary book and everyone should read it.' - Oliver Moody, The Sunday Times

'I was riveted by this book. The transformational consequences of AI may soon be upon us--but will they be utopian or catastrophic? The jury is out, but this enlightening, lively and accessible book by a distinguished scientist helps us to assess the odds' - Prof. Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

'This is a compelling guide to the challenges and choices in our quest for a great future of life, intelligence and consciousness - on Earth and beyond.' - Elon Musk

'Being an eminent physicist and the leader of the Future of Life Institute has given Max Tegmark a unique vantage point from which to give the reader an inside scoop on the most important issue of our time, in a way that is approachable without being dumbed down.' - Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype

'Tegmark successfully gives clarity to the many faces of AI, creating a highly readable book [...] Enjoy the ride, and you will come out the other end with a greater appreciation of where people might take technology and themselves in the years ahead.' - Science 

'Stands out ... Tegmark explains brilliantly many concepts in fields from computing to cosmology, writes with intellectual modesty and subtlety, does the reader the important service of defining his terms clearly, and rightly pays homage to the creative minds of science-fiction writers who were, of course, addressing these kinds of questions more than half a century ago. It's often very funny, too.'-- Steven Poole, The Telegraph 

'Fascinating ... for sheer science fun, it's hard to beat' - Stuart Russell, Nature 

'Lucid and engaging [...] Tegmark's explanation of how electronic circuitry - or a human brain - could produce something as evanescent and immaterial as thought is both elegant and enlightening.' - Frank Rose, The Wall Street Journal 

'It should be among the most important items on our political agenda. Unfortunately, AI has so far hardly registered on our political radar ... Max Tegmark's Life 3.0 tries to rectify the situation. Written in an accessible and engaging style, and aimed at the general public, the book offers a political and philosophical map of the promises and perils of the AI revolution. Instead of pushing any one agenda or prediction, Tegmark seeks to cover as much ground as possible, reviewing a wide variety of scenarios concerning the impact of AI on the job market, warfare and political systems. Life 3.0 does a good job of clarifying basic terms and key debates, and in dispelling common myths.' - Yuval Noah Harari, The Guardian 

'I view this conversation about the future of AI as the most important one of our time,' he writes. Life 3.0 might convince even those who believe that AI is overhyped to join in.' - Clive Cookson, The Financial Times 

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“The most important conversation of our time”

Artificial intelligence may seem like a long while away, but Tegmark assures us that the impact will not be small and that this concerns all of us, now. There is great potential for AI to benefit humanity, surpassing... More

Paperback edition
3 similar books recommended
30th July 2018
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“A fascinating exploration of some of the biggest questions about our future”

Science Fiction has long speculated about the serious consequences of the development of artificial intelligence but, while steady advances in science have started to make real AI an imminent prospect, not many of us... More

Paperback edition
30th July 2018
Helpful? Upvote 2

“Solid overview of Artificial Intelligence: Where we are currently, what we have known intelligence to be historically, and where we should expect to go from here.”

This is the first book by Tegmark that I have had the pleasure of reading. After mentioning the current ideas on the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence, and explaining in adequate detail the state of AI now... More

Paperback edition
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7th August 2018
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