Global Construction Success (Hardback)
  • Global Construction Success (Hardback)

Global Construction Success (Hardback)

Hardback 336 Pages / Published: 01/03/2019
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A guide to effective corporate and project management in the construction industry with a focus on the role that people play in the process

Global Construction Success explores the importance that human dynamics play in risk management of construction projects. Every time a project is structured, designed and built, personal behaviours and inputs can either lead to success or be the cause of failure. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the book offers insight into stakeholders' reactions in a variety of situations, provides expert analyses of risk management and proposes potential solutions and recommendations in order to ensure effective construction management.

The book explores common causes of project failure, outlines the key factors of successful projects, shows how to implement Public Private Partnerships, explores the different stages of structuring projects and reveals what it takes to manage difficult client/contractor relationships. International case studies of major projects clearly illustrate how communications and relationships can lead to helpful solutions to commonly encountered challenges to achieve positive results.

Offers a comprehensive review of the impact human dynamics play in the success or failure of construction projectsStresses the importance of the leadership of senior managementOffers a chapter on managing and resolving conflictsShows why the industry needs better risk managementIncludes new information for managing communications and relationshipsExplores new areas of technology that are being embraced by the construction industry

Written for construction industry senior management in both the corporate and government sectors, project management professionals, consultants and supply chain participants, Global Construction Success includes material for minimizing risk and improving management quality and profitability when working with international construction projects.

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
ISBN: 9781119440253
Number of pages: 336
Weight: 836 g
Dimensions: 244 x 177 x 22 mm


Lord Andrew Adonis - Chair of the UK National Infrastructure Commission 2017

"Charles O'Neil and his co-authors have produced an impressive and important contribution to the construction industry that should be read by everyone involved in construction projects".


Ian Rogers - Senior Legal Adviser, Arup

"This hard-hitting collection of essays reveals the real problems in the construction industry, identifying not just the symptoms and how they might be treated, but also tackling the underlying causes. People and governance are top of the list and until these are addressed, change will be merely superficial. It is a vitally important contribution to the debate over the future of a key global industry".


Datuk Sundra Rajoo - Director Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC)

- Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, U.K. (2016)

"This book is an exceptional collection of insight and wisdom from various experts across the global construction industry. It provides a 360-degree overview of the current state of international construction, including impacts of globalization, a detailed analysis of industry and regional trends in construction as well as the challenges faced by various sectors in the industry, making it relevant across the globe. This book is also written in simple and effective language, identifying the key areas of improvement within the industry and offering viable solutions for all stakeholders concerned. The author has also done a remarkable job in structuring the book in such a way that makes it thorough and comprehensive, which is a boon for all of us in the industry. I believe this book will be a useful reference for all stakeholders concerned with navigating the emerging issues and challenges of risk management that plagues this industry today"


Chris Blythe - CEO, The Chartered Institute of Building

"A great read with something for anyone wanting a successful construction industry. Construction is the art of getting ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Throughout the book, contributors show the best and worst behaviours that give the industry its extremes of reward and frustration. The wrong behaviours take the ordinary and produce the mediocre by repeating mistakes and not learning from them. Construction is too important as a driver of the global economy for the risks of failure to be as high as they are. This book offers an agenda for de-risking construction."


Gerhard Bester - MD of CAPIC, a South-African owned, specialist consulting services firm in the infrastructure development, construction and engineering industries.

"Africa's decision makers, both public and private, clients and contractors alike, should jump at the opportunity to acquire the benefit of hindsight from the industry in first world countries - Africa generally follows their infrastructure delivery mechanisms, contracting regimes and unfortunately, consequential flaws...Africa has some additional variables to make things more challenging, but we cannot afford to ignore the wisdom and guidance on the way forward if we are to achieve "Global Construction Success" as presented by Charles O'Neil and his co-authors in this aptly named book!"


Don Ward - CEO of Constructing Excellence, U.K

"So many Governments and industry stakeholders around the world are anxious to see construction sector reform for major improvement in delivery. So why doesn't it happen faster? The insights in this book are hugely valuable to policy makers and industry leaders everywhere, with their focus on getting strong leadership and vision for projects, modernising the capability of people culture & behaviours in project teams, and aligning common processes and tools. Perhaps most crucial is the alignment of commercial arrangements throughout the supply chain."


Matthew Bell - Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of Studies, Construction Law, Melbourne Law School

"Introducing this immensely useful book, Charles O'Neil writes that 'there is no better experience than learning the hard way'. This is true. Charles and his colleagues have generously shared their experience on construction projects around the world so that the rest of us can recognise and steer away from the commercial, technical and - especially - human factors which cause so many projects to founder".


Nick Barrett - Editor of Construction Law Magazine, U.K.

"This book emphasising human factors and risk management in delivering successful construction projects comes at a potentially crucial turning point for the construction industry, with a new readiness to consider major changes to business models and processes evident following the Carillion collapse in the UK. The industry needs to read it".


Mark Farmer - Author of The Construction Industry Review "Modernise or Die" 2016.

"I believe we stand at an unprecedented crossroads in the construction industry's evolution driven by a structural and long-term decline in skills and capability. This is no longer another false dawn driven by periodic discontent. The risks of continuing are now all consuming and include the increasingly destructive consequences of poor risk management and embedded conflict. The burgeoning technology led opportunity we are now presented with as our potential saviour will not be maximised though without embracing fundamentally different organisational, procurement and contractual models that drive process integration & common interest. This book is a very useful reference point using key lessons learned and pointing the way forward."


Catherine Green, NZ Building Disputes Tribunal, BuildLaw

"a notable contribution to the literature on construction project management and is a significant book for all who are working in the construction sector.(...)
O'Neil's analysis of the obstacles to senior management and board success are particularly insightful and indisputably of key importance to those who seek to succeed within the sector.(...) In this book, O'Neil and his contributors, have carefully distilled several lifetimes of experience engaged in the construction sector to provide the reader with an extraordinary collection of essays, including references to real-world examples, making the book a practical and easily digestible narrative and analysis which can only assist the reader to attain global construction success."


Karen Fletcher, MODERN BUILDING SERVICES October 2019

"Charles O'Neil doesn't pull his punches when describing the problems faced by the global construction industry in his recently-published book Global Construction Success. (...) However, it is also a practical work. O'Neil and 17 contributing authors offer insights into how the industry can learn and improve - removing obstacles to success, ending abuse of supply chains, managing risk better. And while there is an examination of what can go wrong in construction projects, the publication does highlight what makes projects successful. Without giving too much away, competent leadership and professional teams play a major role, along with professional consultants and efficient subcontractors."


Dr Donald Charrett, Published in International Construction Law Review (2019) ICLR 439, (c) 2019 International Construction Law Review

"...comprehensively addresses the many factors that influence the success or failure of a construction project. It is a very practical book - the authors all have many years of experience on major projects in the construction industry. (...) This is one of the book's great strengths - considered views from a variety of construction practitioners with different perspectives.(...) This book has something of importance for all the stakeholders involved in the delivery of a construction project. They must cooperate to achieve a successful outcome, and along the journey they must manage a variety of risks, which requires robust processes for corporate and project management. A successful project is not achieved in the absence of teamwork and communication - two of the fundamental 'people' themes in this excellent book. It will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to more successful construction projects in the future - an important achievement for a better world."


Paul Morrell, PROJECT Autumn 2019

"(...) it is asserted that 99 per cent of crashed projects are attributable to human behaviour, and there are strong chapters on this area - neglected in an industry motivated by a 'projects culture'.(...) competitive advantage comes from being able to demonstrate not just the required body of knowledge, but also the instincts, attitude and skill necessary to navigate one's way through the minefield. This book will help."

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