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Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia: The Energetic, Healing, and Spiritual Power of 450 Gemstones (Paperback)
  • Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia: The Energetic, Healing, and Spiritual Power of 450 Gemstones (Paperback)

Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia: The Energetic, Healing, and Spiritual Power of 450 Gemstones (Paperback)

Paperback 288 Pages
Published: 27/04/2023
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In this pocket reference, crystal healing teacher Nicholas Pearson offers a quick-start guide for working with crystals as well as a full-colour A-to-Z compendium of the physical, psychological, and spiritual healing properties of 450 crystals, rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Covering the basics of crystal healing, the author explores why crystals work, how to select stones, safe and effective cleansing methods, and hands-on techniques and practices to harness the power of rocks and gems to transform your life. He also looks at how to charge crystals and program them for specific purposes, and he examines crystal correspondences with planetary, astrological, and elemental energies.

In the A-to-Z encyclopedia, Pearson looks at 450 crystals, including familiar ones like agate, calcite, rose quartz, and hematite as well as rarer and more unusual crystals, such as phenakite, cavansite, and yooperlite--some of which have never before appeared in print. Each entry features a beautiful colour photo of the stone and defines its physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties and its corresponding chakra, element, planet, and zodiac sign. The author also looks at the geological nature of each stone, such as its hardness and crystal structure, enabling you to explore the connections between mineral science and the metaphysics of crystal healing.

Providing easy-to-follow crystal healing guidance alongside an easy-to-reference stone encyclopedia, this pocket guide will help you deepen your relationship with the mineral kingdom and enhance your crystal healing practice.

Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
ISBN: 9781644115039
Number of pages: 288
Weight: 245 g
Dimensions: 133 x 114 x 18 mm

“From the opening paragraph of the introduction to the very final pages this book is exciting, delightful, and informative. Nicholas Pearson has a special way of sharing his knowledge about crystals that could make anyone fall in love with their beauty, their mythology and lore, and the magic that they create when we work in harmony with them. His adept guidance leads us through foundational knowledge of how and why crystals work, and he goes on to share an in-depth look at a truly amazing array of stones. What most pocket guides lack in depth, this guide expertly captures within its pages. This pocket book may be small, but it’s substantial in the vast number of stones described, including not only common minerals but also more unique stones I’ve yet to see described elsewhere. Touching on the most important qualities of each stone, helpful correspondences, and geological information for each, this guide is a treasure that will have a place on my favorites list for many years to come.” “The perfect pocket guide for your spiritual rock-sleuthing pleasure. Pearson does it again! Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia is the quintessential rock guidebook—excellent for beginners and experts alike. Nicholas takes you through everything you need to have a full understanding of the stone kingdom: how gems and minerals form, the various geometric systems, what they are made of and how they receive their colors, rock correspondences to other metaphysical information, and their healing and spiritual properties. As a Spiritualist and rock-hound myself, I found the easy-to-understand, simple languaging of a very complex topic refreshing. This level of understanding is vital for deepening your sacred self-awareness—understanding the formation and physical composition of gems and minerals allows you to fully access their spiritual gifts for you. The more you understand stones, the more profoundly you witness the cosmic awakening within yourself and the quantum universe. This is the crystal guide for your carry-all.” “Nicholas Pearson’s star has truly risen. The reader can sense that everything in this book is there for a reason. Passionate, knowledgeable crystal writing at its very best.” “Crystal guru Nicholas Pearson has created a fabulous-at-a-glance book that touches on every aspect of your crystal needs. Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia expertly dives into the physical, psychological, and spiritual healing properties of an abundance of gemstones. This book is a masterful guide to enhance your relationship with crystals and begin utilizing them as spiritual healing tools for your evolutionary journey.” “Nicholas Pearson has created a thorough masterpiece on crystal magic with Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia! This expansive guide is the perfect reference manual for the modern crystal enthusiast, providing not only a concise overview on how to work with crystals but also providing detailed descriptions on the various correspondences of more than 400 crystals. I will be using this in my personal practice for years to come!” “Nicholas Pearson has masterfully created a crystal and stone encyclopedia that every healer and magician should own. This book not only teaches us what each shape, color, and chemical composition means but also shows us how to use them spiritually, psychologically, and physiologically. This is one of the most thorough books I’ve seen on crystal energy and healing.” "A beautifully illustrated book jam-packed with information about a myriad of stones. The author has certainly done his homework! Really helpful, and worth the price of the book, especially if you're a neophyte gemstone collector is the glossary section on the scams and misrepresentations. The helpful tips, advising you on selection, cleansing, displaying, charging, programming, etc. There's a part on dispelling myths. And the glossary has a quick reference table, a part on artificial gems and mistaken identities. Highly recommended on quality of information alone."

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