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Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning (Paperback)
  • Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning (Paperback)

Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning (Paperback)

Paperback 152 Pages / Published: 04/06/2015
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Throw out gradebooks and meet the assessment system of the future!

Mark Barnes's formula for feedback, titled SE2R (Summarize, Explain, Redirect, Resubmit), has delivered stunning results to the forward-thinking schools that have tried it. The method in this book will loosen and then break your classroom's dependence on the "A-through-F" grading system that does little more than silence student voices.

Delving into what really motivates students, the book covers:

How GPA is a classic example of "the tail wagging the dog"Utilizing mobile devices and social networks to maximize the benefits of SE2RAddressing and overcoming bureaucratic resistance to change

Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc
ISBN: 9781483373881
Number of pages: 152
Weight: 250 g
Dimensions: 228 x 152 x 13 mm

"This book could turn the teaching community on its ear! A new way to assess students without letters or numbers-a novel approach to grades." -- Diane Callahan, Retired Teacher

"As an educator working with the district office, I am given many different books to read throughout the school year. Some are rather dry and have too much technical information. This book was an easy, enjoyable read. The cases and "real world" aspect of the way the book was written made me want to try this form of grading in a classroom tomorrow. School districts across the country have turned to standards based instruction, standards based report cards and Assessment 3.0 is the next logical step to grading."

-- Shelly Miedona, Math Coach

"This text contains outstanding resources for communicating to stakeholders who care about how assessment systems can impact student behaviors and performances. If you are interested in changing how students and teachers view traditional grading systems, this book is a must read. Assessment 3.0 can be a revolutionary tool."

-- D. Allan Bruner, National Board Certified Teacher

"Mark has done something important in writing this book. He argues--clearly and with hope--for specific, actionable change right now in our early 21st century classrooms. Here's the potential, here's the problem, and here's a way forward. This is a practical model for ed reform in general.

Assessment 3.0 illuminates the ample underbelly of traditional education practice by shining a floodlight on one of the most powerful icons--and relics--of its past: the letter grade. Rather than simply criticizing grades as "harmful," Mark presents a compelling case for the impact of grading practices on how students learn, and in doing so maintains focus on the reason we're all here--students and learning.

A recurring theme throughout the book is one of practice and application--honest assessment of what works, and ideas for making it happen. The book is, then, imminently useful for any educator--those wanting to think about their craft, and those simply looking for ideas for tomorrow morning. In that way, there can't be higher praise."

-- Terry Heick, Director of TeachThought
"I loved every single concept, proposal, and piece of advice in Mark Barnes latest book, Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning. Do you want a vision to revolutionize our relationships with students? Read the book. Do you want a blueprint for how you, as a teacher or administrator, can create a learning environment that nurtures high functioning citizens? Read the book. Do you want a class structured so that each child is academically challenged, and supported to meet challenges? Read the book. And if you don't want any of those lofty goals, please find another line of work and refrain from making comments about testing and unions and what you think should happen in our schools. Barnes joins the ranks of of educators, who through his words and actions, is saying, 'We are now the means of extraordinary changes in our schools.'"
-- Jeffrey Benson, Author, Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most
"Revolutionary. Why? Tossing out grades does not equate tossing out learning. We spend a lot of time talking about data and growth. In Assessment 3.0, Mark Barnes focuses on the revelation and growth of the Independent Learner- our students. This is a great read for any teacher or administrator."
-- Creed Anthony, Teacher/Writer of "Your Parent-Teacher Conference" weekly column on

"The way we assess student development and student work is a source of frustration to thousands of student, parents and teachers across America. With Assessment 3.0, Mark Barnes challenges us to rethink the traditional A - F grading scale in favor of a more results-oriented methodology of providing feedback to our students. Whether you abandon your gradebook completely after reading this book or merely turn a critical eye toward your practices as an educator, this book is an important and vital lens on thinking about teaching, learning and the role of assessment."

-- Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal

"Quality feedback trumps numbers in nearly every scenario. A number or grade indicates the learning is complete. The use of SE2R allows educators to get to the heart of instruction...student learning. It provides a framework for a continuous discussion that is about learning, not an assigned number. Mark Barnes does a fantastic job of providing the research on the divisive nature of our current grading policies and offers an alternative that lends itself to student ownership of learning. I highly recommend this book to educators at all levels and in all content areas."

-- Joe Sanfelippo, Co-Author of The Power of Branding: Telling Your School's Story

"Mark Barnes is a leader and revolutionary voice in the movement to rid our educational system of an outdated assessment model. In Assessment 3.0, he delivers a persuasive pitch that current grading practices are both poor reflections of learning and damaging to students. Not only does he clearly define the problem, he offers a powerful solution with his SE2R model and delivers a blueprint for implementation that can transform classrooms and schools."

-- Dave Burgess, Educator, Professional Development Speaker, and Author of Teach Like a Pirate

"Nothing destroys a student's creativity and passion for learning as fast or as completely as grades. Mark Barnes examines how that happens In Assessment 3.0, but he does much more than simply critique standard assessment tools, which have remained virtually unchanged in America for over 100 years. The veteran teacher guides readers through a fascinating investigation of how throwing out grades, while embracing digitally-enhanced independent learning, fosters a superior learning environment-one that also does a far better job of developing real-world skills that prepare students to excel in the world of tomorrow. This book has completely transformed how I approach teaching, and I can't recommend it highly enough to anybody interested in the future not just of education but also our nation."

-- David Cutler, National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future

"This book will convince any reluctant educator to rethink the traditional grading system. If Mark's vision can become a reality, students will be prepared for a world that doesn't reward A's and condemn F's."

-- Angela Maiers, Educator, Author, Speaker and Founder of Choose2Matter
"With a crisp, engaging style, Mark Barnes challenges us to re-think the notion of assigning traditional grades. Full of helpful examples and tips for success, Assessment 3.0 offers a feedback model that is differentiated, student-focused, and results-oriented." -- William Sterrett Educational Leadership Faculty Member and Program Coordinator, Author of Insights into Action.

"Current achievement-driven, testing and grading-focused school cultures offer little insight into teaching and learning-often fostering negative self-esteem and pressure on students. Through logical argument, practical instructional moves, and a clear passion for children and their learning needs, Mark Barnes pushes our thinking and invites us to imagine a different path for education. I look forward to sharing Assessment 3.0 with colleagues. It promises to be a game-changer for schools."

-- Donalyn Miller, Author of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild
"Barnes is bold, insightful and right! It is time to not only throw out your grade books, but all the misinformation in your brains that supports the need for grades! None of us became teachers so we could have color-coded grade books. We became educators to make a difference in the minds of our students. This book shows us how!" -- Russell J. Quaglia, President/Founder

"Mark Barnes is a thoughtful, reflective, practicing educator and a prolific writer. In this book he is able to make a solid case for doing away with grades as we have come to understand them over the centuries. Many educators struggle with grades and their effect on true learning and Mark underscores the many reasons for this. He puts in place a plan to eliminate grades and empower learning as a result. His 21st Century approach to meaningful assessment is a breath of fresh air to educators who are tired of hearing from anyone, but educators, as to what assessment should be.

In this book Mark explains the history of assessment, describes why it is not working, and provides a strategy to change from what we are doing with assessment to what we as educators should be doing in regard to meaningful assessment. This may be the jumpstart needed to get a meaningful and long overdue dialogue started."

-- Tom Whitby, co-author of The Relevant Educator

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