An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (Hardback)
  • An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (Hardback)

An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (Hardback)

Hardback 208 Pages / Published: 24/12/2013
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An Introduction to Coaching Skills is an invaluable resource for novice and trainee coaches. Its accessible, step-by-step style acquaints you with the key skills needed to become a successful coach and, with its focus on the applied side of coaching, the book is an essential text for anyone starting out on their coaching voyage. From the 'how to', through to practicalities and challenges and honing existing skills, this book covers:

- Definitions of coaching

- How to become a coach

- Key coaching skills

- Current coaching models

- Practical tools and techniques

- Reflective practise and how best to help others

With evidence-based research, activities and suggestions for further reading, this is a clear and practical, all-you-need guide to becoming a coach.

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN: 9781446260203
Number of pages: 208
Weight: 515 g
Dimensions: 232 x 186 mm

The wealth of examples and the linked videos make it much more than the title would imply... any counsellor could move into coaching with this resource alone... -- Eleanor Patrick
Christian van Nieuwerburgh is one of our leaders in the field of coaching. If you're a coach, or simply interested in learning more about coaching, you need this book-packed with tools, strategies, video support and many, many resources that will help all coaches improve their practice. -- Jim Knight
Packed full of ideas, stories and exercises, and backed up by over seventy short video clips illustrating key points, this book takes the reader on a journey to learn how to do coaching and - more profoundly - how to be a coach who unlocks the potential in others. -- Bob Thomson
This theoretically-grounded and highly practical book will be of great value - a comprehensive and through exposition of vital coaching skills that will guide development and help facilitate constructive reflective practice. Recommended to the novice and advanced coach alike. Enjoy! -- Anthony M Grant PhD
This is a wonderfully practical, yet stimulating, inspiring and innovative resource. I just wish Christian had put this together years ago, when I first became a coach! That said, there is heaps of learning to be had here for both the established and the novice coach, accessed via a number of routes, including anecdotes and video clips. I predict this will become one of those resources the coaching profession will wonder how it ever managed without. -- Liz Hall

I am delighted to be able to endorse this insightful and helpful book aims helps to develop coaching skills. Coaching is probably the most useful skill that managers, leaders and teachers can have in their tool box - indeed anyone who needs to develop their ability to relate to people and get the most from them. This is a new way to present information and share experience and skills. It is accessible and makes learning fun. . How to ask the right questions, how to listen and how to support people are all explored and practical advice and examples underpin the learning.

Read, listen and apply, you won't regret the investment in your personal skills repertoire

-- Sue Evans
An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide is an impressive book by a specialised professional Christian van Nieuwerburgh who has devoted himself on coaching. The book is already on its way to become a masterpiece in the field as it brings coaching theory and practice together in a fascinating way enabling the readers to establish a connection between learning and living. -- Ramazan Yirci, Sutcu Imam University, Turkey

At last a book on Coaching that highlights key coaching skills in visual format that reinforce a time-tested model of effective coaching .

Christian has distilled the essential steps in coaching and followed this up with putting techniques into practice using actual coaching sessions . The book follows a simple yet powerful recipe of moving from knowledge to process to a way of being allowing aspiring coaches to get a sense of competence in using coaching skills rapidly and simply .

The format of the book is innovative and be well received by those who appreciate coaching in action .

-- Dr Steve Zolezzi PhD
Walking the talk or being authentic is an absolute necessity in this day when so many competing resources are being published on how to be a coach. This book not only walks the talk and helps the reader on the journey to authenticity but does so in a way that brilliantly surrounds the reader with not just words, but practical examples-many drawn from the book author's own experience; succinct video video clips that clearly demonstrate skills and perspective, opportunities for studied reflection, and experiential learning activities. The author has truly captured the essence of coaching that distinguishes it from other forms of helping; namely, that coaching is a way of being, of sharing your true self with the world, and assisting both yourself and the people you work with to also become their authentic selves. -- Rey Carr

Much more than a book - this practical, comprehensive learning resource makes a significant contribution to the coaching literature. The linked video clips, an innovation not seen elsewhere, will be particularly valued by those beginning to explore coaching, by more experienced coaches seeking to hone core skills as well as those involved in training coaches.

A resource for every coach's bookshelf; to be referred to again and again.

-- John Campbell
What struck me about this book is its extreme applicability - there are so many books introducing the theory, but so few that give the real "know how" directions. -- Dr Ilona Boniwell
Having had the opportunity to collaborate with Christian in coaching training, I have seen his students develop to become effective and motivated coaches. In this book and the supporting videos he has captured both the rigor of the coaching process and the excitement of facilitating positive change that he has delivered to students directly over many years. This is a learning resource that instructs and inspires. -- Dr. Emma Short
This book represents a valuable contribution to the field of coaching. In a practical and supportive way, readers are given the resources they need to develop themselves as coaches. Highly recommended. -- Professor Rie Ishikawa

This is the most refreshing and elegantly written guide to both the science and art of coaching. Evidence-based, following many hours of analysing coaching observations, it is both practical and reflective, as well as humane.

It will be an invaluable aid to anyone embarking on coaching for the first time as well as to experienced coaches who want to deepen their knowledge of skills and processes.

The accompanying video clips will be enthusiastically seized upon by trainers of coaches who frequently and often unsuccessfully trawl the internet for appropriate coaching demonstrations.

-- Andrea Berkeley
This is a practical, engaging and stimulating book for coaches and those intending to become coaches, written by a highly respected practitioner, author, teacher and academic who is clearly passionate about his work and the coaching profession. The book covers key areas which he argues are necessary for coaches to develop; namely, key coaching skills, the process of coaching, and, most importantly, ways of being. What is very special and and elevating about this book is the humanity which shines through, as well as the focus on the needs and feelings of the coach themselves, as people. Interesting personal reflection activities which enourage the coach to think about their own role and feelings run through the book. The stories, activities and very clear writing result in an important book and resource, which will be of value to students and those working as coaches. -- Professor Irvine S. Gersch
This is a highly accessible and intellectually engaging manual for coaches both experienced and new to the discipline. It combines a wealth of precisely described practical activities with proper scholarly rigour, and the result is book that is both engaging and stimulating. Essential reading for coaches at every level of the profession. -- Dr Nicholas Monk

Finally! An introduction to coaching manual for those new to coaching or who want a refresher on the powerful basics of 'how coaching works, demonstrated in practice and theory'. Equipped with over 70 videos to accompany the core coaching concepts, this book is an accessible, innovative and engaging way to learn how to become a great coach.

-- Miss Jennifer Barnes
Christian's guide arms coaches with the practical tools to keep coaching sessions fresh and lay the foundation for my coachees to overcome their challenges. His accompanying videos are that extra mile that coaches will find invaluable. -- Mr. Krisnah Poinasamy

This book provides very helpful perspectives on the art of coaching.

Experienced practitioners will find themselves inspired by a variety of well-founded and practical ideas. Beginners in the field of coaching will appreciate the clear structure and guidance Christian provides throughout his book. Especially helpful are the videos which provide clear insight in the presented techniques.

As chairperson of the German-speaking Association of Positive Psychology I am delighted to find a chapter on Positive Psychology in coaching. This will be more than helpful for all coaches!

-- Daniela Blickhan, MSc
This is the best guide to coaching skills I have come across. It's a must have handbook for anyone looking to develop their coaching skills. The innovative format of video clips illustrating the written description gives the reader a real understanding of the skills, why they are important and how to apply them in practice. -- Julia Yates
Christian van Nieuwerburgh has written an excellent introduction to coaching skills. It really is a practical guide illustrating skills, tools, techniques and the coaching process. In addition, the companion website demonstrates the application of the coaching skills and techniques through the use of video clips. The book and the website are a powerful combination to enhance learning. This book may become a classic in its time. -- Professor Stephen Palmer
Christian is an expert teacher, and in this book he uses his expertise - as a teacher and practicing coach - to bring a much clarity to the practice of coaching. There is a skilful mix of practical and actionable advice - powerfully illustrated by the video clips so you can really see what to do - along with space for coaches to reflect and learn their own way of coaching. -- Ian McIntosh
I am delighted that it is possible now to recommend this book about coaching skills to people who are new to coaching but want much more than just one-perspective only popularization. It looks to me that this book is written with such people in mind - an introduction that is created with due respect for current research and conceptual understanding of coaching. -- Tatiana Bachkirova

When I started my coaching journey in 2008, I had to read tens of books to support me in my profession. Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh solved this in his book for new coaches by offering all the tools, resources and knowledge needed to master coaching skills concisely, thank you.

-- Mrs. Raja Allaho
An Introduction to Coaching Skills: a practical guide, is for new and experienced coaches. Christian addresses the complexity of coaching by simplifying it into three key elements - way of being, coaching process, and coaching skills. Containing suggested activities, accompanying video clips, this guide will be a much used resource for every coach. -- Vikki G. Brock, PhD, EMBA

This book would have been a godsend if it had been available when I was doing my Masters on Coaching Psychology and I feel it will a useful resource to help me continuously develop other coaching techniques. I was lucky enough to have Christian as my supervisor so know first hand how resourceful he can be, this book demonstrates this in spades. Its packed with ideas, practical information as well as being innovative and accessible to all. It will be a resource that I know I will want to use over and over again.

-- Christine Randall MSc MBA MAPM
With the attention of a Coach and the care of an Educator, Christian van Nieuwerburgh has produced a highly informative and wonderfully easy to read book. He glides between the two roles with remarkable ease to provide the novice coach with a state-of-the art Coaching toolkit. The seasoned coach is also bound to benefit, especially from the video material, which is undoubtedly the gem of the book -- Dr Ioanna Iordanou
Congratulations Christian on creating a book that is perfect for this time in history! With increasing interest in applications of coaching into education and workplaces more broadly than just at senior leadership levels, there is an unprecedented opportunity to create sustainable positive change at the individual, group, organisational, community and societal levels! The beauty of this book is that it is written from both academic knowledge and practical experience given Christian's background. In addition, the companion website with video footage including creative practical activities provide both new and more experienced coaches with one of the first opportunities Im aware of to watch expert coaching in practice on film. Overall this books provides a comprehensive guide to the best current knowledge and practice in both Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Psychology.

-- Dr Suzy Green

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