Alex As Well (Paperback)
  • Alex As Well (Paperback)

Alex As Well (Paperback)

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Paperback 216 Pages
Published: 08/05/2014

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"Why does it matter whether I am a boy or a girl? But it does. It really, really matters."

When Alex was born, the doctors described him as "sexually ambiguous", with both male and female reproductive organs. For the last fourteen years his parents have raised Alex as a boy. They dressed him in boys' clothes, sent him to a boys' school and gave him medication to help regulate his hormones. But last night at dinner, Alex made an announcement, three words that would change everything: "I'm a girl". And when Alex sets about changing her life - her wardrobe, her school, her entire identity - no one knows how to react, least of all her parents.

Publisher: Curious Fox
ISBN: 9781782020899
Number of pages: 216
Weight: 219 g
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 16 mm


...books like Alex As Well need to exist, and they need to be thrust into the hands of high school students as much as humanly possible.   [Alyssa Brugman's] writing is immersive and honest, giving a voice to thousands of human beings currently struggling with the same problems as Alex. - Wondrous Reads - Wondrous Reads

Alyssa Brugman writes with compassion, insight and verve. This is a wonderful book that will take you to places you've read about but never visited. Go there. Alex and Alex are spectacular travelling companions. - Rebecca Root

...a sharp and unsettling look at adolescent sexual identity. - RossMG, Curriculum Vital - Curriculum Vital

If there were such a thing as the perfect YA novel, Alex As Well would be it. Alex As Well is a treasure of a novel, with laugh out loud moments as well as unsettling scenes that will stay with you. - Jackson Nash, Lambda Literacy - Lambda Literacy

Alex As Well is a story unlike any I’ve ever come across before – it’s unique story telling technique makes for a compelling read. - Jesse Owens, Books 4 Teens - Books 4 Teens

Finally! It is about time that we start getting more novels on such a rarely touched subject. The story tells with brutal honesty the story of an intersex teen. I have been in desperate need of more LGBT books for my section (being the Children's bookseller in Waterstones) and this title has been a welcome breath of fresh air. - Alice Watson, Waterstones Reviews - Waterstones Reviews

Brugman rights confidently in an educated manner through the voice of Alex, expertly capturing every angle of her thoughts and feelings. The forum inputs, written in the voice of Alex's mother, are in a significantly distinctive style which establishes Brugman's ability to distinguish the personalities of the characters she clearly knows so well. Amongst the intersexuality, Alex's sexual preference is explored in a way that relates to many people in this world. The struggle of unreciprocated love and the fear of social abandonment is prevalent and the issue is tackled magnificently... A break through in the medical fiction genre, Alex As Well is a must read for 2014. - Goodreads - Goodreads

Alex is an incredible character and throughout the novel I was fascinated with her journey. This book was an incredible read. - Tammy, Goodreads - Goodreads

Honestly, honestly, honestly: I truly loved this novel. It's brave and important in that it tackles a difficult and taboo subject without fear or compromise. - Jill, -

Powerful and poignant. I haven't read anything like this before, and it really opened my eyes. It deals with themes of gender confusion and struggles with intersex identity in a moving, empathic way. - Sian Jenkins, Waterstones Reviews - Waterstones Reviews

Alex As Well is an awesome - and welcome - addition to LGBTQ YA... the perfect book for teens to start with when learning about or trying to understand intersex people. It's a great introduction to the topic, without shoving too much doom and gloom in your face. An amazing story, and I'd really recommend it! - Joanne, Once Upon a Bookcase blog - Once Upon a Bookcase blog

This book was amazing; an interesting, stereotype smashing, thought-provoking gem of a book. - Charlie, To Another World Book Blog - To Another World Book Blog

Alex entertaining and honest narrator, one who speaks directly to the reader. This is a compelling story that compassionately investigates identity and finding a place to belong. - Krista, Service to Schools - Service to Schools

This was a thought-provoking read and, as someone that knows little about this subject, it was a learning experience in some respects...Perhaps, not the final word on subject, but a story worth being told. - -

While in many ways it is an important and delving issues book, the writing style lifts it so that it becomes something much more. - M, Wesatdown.blogspot - Wesatdown.blogspot

18th August 2014, Guardian Children’s Books ( This book tackles the delicate topic of being intersex and gives a lot of insight into the problems associated with it, while still being a very enjoyable fiction read. After you get over the initial confusion of what happened in the changing room between the two Alex's, one male and one female, (you'll understand if you read it,) you get to really know Alex and realise her true character. Her story is very real and well written, which together with the fantastic character development makes this book hugely enjoyable to read. Alex's narrative was also written towards the reader really allowing you to get a deeper understanding and better connection with her character. There was only one problem with this book. However, when I say problem Alyssa Brugman may have written this on purpose, in which case she is a genius. For she wrote one of the most frustrating and blood-boiling characters I have ever read - Alex's mum…If you combined Darth Vader, Voldemort and King Joffrey, the character wouldn't be one quarter as despicable as the mother. Although I have to admit that this did add something to the overall plot by making me sympathise so much more with Alex's situation. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this read. The book ended perfectly which tops off my overall ten out of ten opinion for this novel…The writing was easy to read and this book while not a light read can be sped through leaving the reader with not only a lot to think about, but a whole new opinion and knowledge of the subject together with a much greater understanding of the struggle. - Guardian Children’s Books

I picked this up just to read the first page, and a little while later I’d finished, and I was BLOWN AWAY! Alex As Well is a poignant, funny but also emotional story that will stay with me a long time. Highly recommended. - Bibliomaniac - Bibliomaniac incredibly tender, funny, and powerful novel about questioning identity, exploring gender and sexuality and navigating friendships and finding a place to belong. It's a novel that you will want to talk about long after you've read the final page. A real coming-of-age novel that will touch the heart of all who read it and surprise you along the way. - Lovereading4kids (book of the month) - Lovereading4kids

It is not often I read a truly inspiring novel for young adults, but this is one of them. You will not forget this novel in a hurry. - BobsBlogs - BobsBlogs

Innovative and witty. - The Telegraph - The Telegraph

Emotional, funny, moving and ultimately inspiring, Alex As Well is an excellent YA book about fitting in, adapting and working out who you really are. Kat, My Shelf Confessions Reviewed: Alex As Well Date: 08/13/14 - My Shelf Confessions

...a lovely, moving book with an ending that I really liked. It's true what they say: What comes from the heart goes to the heart. I hope it reaches a lot of readers, especially young readers, and I personally think it would make a very good film! - Elliot Kerrigan, writer and winner of a Trans Comedy Award -

8th September 2014, Luna’s Little Library ( I read Alex As Well in one evening, the book is quite short at just over 200 pages but even if it had been double that I wouldn’t have put it down until I finished it…Alex As Well is a great story about figuring out who you are and standing up for the right to be that person. - Luna’s Little Library

[Alex As Well] is a clever book. It explores the intersex experience and I think it’s brilliant to see a story like this being introduced to younger readers. Ideas of gender conditioning, sexuality, and representations of feminine beauty are explored in an accessible way. - Kate J. Wilson

The book really was heartfelt and it raised a lot of interesting points...I loved it from the start... - Raimy Greenland, Readaraptor - Readaraptor

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A story of bravery and independence, Alex As Well follows 15 year old Alex Stringfellow, a intersexual person who was raised as a boy and decides that she prefers being a girl.

Alex has two personas: boy Alex and... More

Paperback edition
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It is about time that we start getting more novels on such a rarely touched subject. The story tells with brutal honesty the story of an intersex teen. I have been in desperate need of more LGBT books for my section... More

Paperback edition
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“Powerful and poignant”

I haven't read anything like this before, and it really opened my eyes. It deals with themes of gender confusion and struggles with intersex identity in a moving, empathic way.

It will strike a cord with anyone... More

Paperback edition
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